Hyderabad: Telangana's average groundwater level rose by 3.70 meters in October 2020 when compared to the same period last year, the state groundwater department said on 19 November. The groundwater level in the state during October this year stood at 4.22 m below ground level (bgl) as compared to 7.92 m bgl during the same period in 2019.

During the water year 2020-21 (up to October 2020 end), the state received 53 per cent excess rainfall as compared to normal rainfall during the same period (1249.2 mm against 816 mm). Of the 33 districts in the state, 27 received excess rainfall, six received normal rainfall, and no district received deficit rainfall. Meanwhile, out of 589 mandals, 448 received excess rainfall, 125 received normal rainfall, and 16 received deficit rainfall. Also, in October this year, a total of 1,219 wells were monitored.

The minimum and maximum depth to water level varies from ground level at Urlaguda village (Mothey mandal), Pillalamarry village (Suryapet mandal), Mamidala village (Tirumalagiri mandal), Suryapet district, and a maximum of 56.46 m bgl in piezometer at Khudabhakshpally village, Marriguda mandal, Nalgonda District.

Water level fluctuations during October 2020 with respect to May 2020 depict an average rise of 7.06 m and a maximum rise of 35.58 m at Lenkalapally village under Marriguda mandal in Nalgonda district and a fall of 3.35 m at Khudabhakshpally village under Marriguda mandal.

Meanwhile, water level fluctuation during October 2020 with respect to October 2019 shows a maximum rise of 53.09 m (Puttaphad village under Kulkacherla mandal in Vikarabad district) and a fall of 14.88 (Mandalapalli village under Dammapeta mandal in Badadri district). Also, 85 per cent observation wells showed a rise and 15 per cent showed a fall in water levels during this period.

Compared to September 2020, there was a decrease in deepwater levels (>20m) area by around 1,019 km2 (up to 1%).

Water levels during the month of October 2020 when compared with Decadal average of October (2010-2019) showed a rise in 543 mandals (0.05-21.96 m) and fall in 46 mandals (0.03-20.52 m).

Sumit Kumar Jha

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