Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao lost his temper on Wednesday when he called the Nalgonda protestors "dogs".

Chief Minister lost his cool when some youth and women raised slogans and displayed some papers during a public rally at Nalgonda.

Visibly angry, KCR asked the police to "whisk away the dogs" from the venue. "I have seen so many dogs like you. I don't care if dogs like you bark at me. If you have any concerns or issues, bring them to the notice of the government through a proper channel. You cannot disrupt a meeting being held by a leader like me," he said.

TRS chief directed police personnel to take them away in the public address system. "There are several dogs like you. Police... take them out. Take their paper, whatever they want to give," he said.

Lambasting the opposition, he said BJP and Congress parties are crossing all limits while criticizing him and his government. "We are tolerating all this nonsense. But there is a limit for everything. If we lose our patience, we will crush you under our feet. Keep this in mind. I warn BJP and Congress leadership… be within your limits," he said.

Referring to the BJP leaders, he called them beggars who did not know when and where to go for begging. "These days BJP leaders are talking in a manner akin to a beggar, who is new to the profession and begging at odd hours, ignorant of when to beg," he said.

Congress has demanded Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao to apologize for allegedly calling a group of people "dogs" during the public meeting.

The party in-charge of Telangana, Manickam Tagore said the Chief Minister should apologize.

"CM calls women at Nagarjuna Sagar public meeting as dogs. Don't forget all those women standing there are the reason you sit in that position. Change your words to reflect your attitude. Don't forget this is a democracy. Don't forget they are our bosses! Apologize, Chandrasekhar," Tagore said in a tweet.

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