Rajanna Siricilla: A scuffle broke out between TRS and BJP workers inside Illanthakunta police station in Rajanna Siricilla district after cops detained opposition workers for protesting against Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development KT Rama Rao in Rajanna Siricilla district on Monday.

A video of a police officer seeking additional force to control the situation has now gone viral.

The incident occurred when police detained some BJP workers who were protesting against KT Rama Rao during his visit to his constituency in Rajanna Siricilla district on Monday.

While he was in the Illanthakunta area, BJP workers protested by climbing the cell tower demanding that a 30-bed hospital as promised by KTR be built immediately.

Congress workers also protested demanding to fulfill the promises made to the people of Siricilla. Protestors also demanded to fill the vacant posts in the state government immediately.

Protestors alleged that police and TRS workers assaulted them. Police swung into action and detained workers of BJP, Congress, and ABVP, and shifted them to Illanthakunta police station.

While they were in police custody, TRS workers arrived at the police station in big numbers. They entered into a verbal duel with the BJP workers resulting in a scuffle and commotion. However, all attempts by the police officials to control the situation did not yield results. Later, a police officer made an SOS call to his superiors seeking additional force.

"Sir Force ledu sir ikkada, Force kavali sir, please sir (Sir there is no force here). I need Force Immediately. Please Sir)", the officer was heard saying.

The officer in a helpless voice also goes on urging to send the force immediately. "I cannot control this mob, sir. This is very serious sir. Please, Please," he is heard saying.

After disconnecting the call, he goes to the crowd gathered at the police station. "Meeru nannu inni rakaluga badha pettadam correct kadu, Endukante andariki prajaswamyam lo hakkulu unnayi (It is not fair for you to trouble me in this manner. In a democracy, everyone has their rights)," he is heard telling the crowd gathered at the police station.

All through the call and during the interaction with the crowd, the officer is seen panting and urging the superiors and the crowds. A video clip of the incident recorded by one of the bystanders has gone viral.

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