Mission 1-crore acre fertile land: KCR calls for accelerating work on irrigation projects

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has embarked on an ambitious mission to increase the fertile land area to one crore acres in Telangana.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 May 2021 3:02 AM GMT
Mission 1-crore acre fertile land: KCR calls for accelerating work on irrigation projects

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has embarked on an ambitious mission to increase the fertile land area to one crore acres in Telangana.

"The entire Telangana statehood movement had centered on irrigation and water. We have agitated for a separate state with commitment. Our efforts are to make one crore acres fertile and it is yielding results. At this juncture, we will not bother about money. Telangana state stood first in the country as far as spending money on irrigation projects. We will overcome the difficulties arising out of Corona. We will arrange funds for the projects," KCR said.

He instructed the officials to complete estimates for all the Lift Irrigation Schemes proposed from Devarakonda to Kodad under Nagarjuna Sagar Left Canal jurisdiction by June 15 and get ready for inviting the Tenders.

KCR asked Minister Jagadeeshwar Reddy to take the responsibility to coordinate with the Irrigation officials. The CM suggested that 15 Lift projects sanctioned with laying the foundation stone at Nellikallu, construction of canals, setting up of the Pumps, and other related works' estimates should be prepared. The CM instructed the Irrigation department officials to prepare estimates for each Lift separately and invite tenders for all of them at one time.

The CM said as of date, all the tanks and lakes are filled with water and farmers are bringing large tracts of land under Paddy cultivation this season.

He said the Irrigation department should supply water to enable farmers to prepare tender plants (Naru Madi) and combat Rohini Karte.

KCR was chairing a high-level meeting at Pragathi Bhavan here on Tuesday on the proposed Lift Irrigation projects under the Krishna Basin and the progress of projects being constructed on the Godavari River.

" We are spending thousands of crores on these projects. We have to utilize them strategically with methods for the farmers' welfare. Understand the availability of water in Pranahita and the course of its flow. The flow in Pranahita will become torrential from June 20. At that point lift whatever water comes in lift it and fill tanks, reservoirs, ponds under the Kaleswaram project Radar. There are some works to be attended for the repair of canals. Complete them and take up operation and maintenance. Utilize the Kaleswaram to the optimal level," he said.

KCR said farmers are of the firm belief that if they go in for plantation during the Rohini Karte period, there would not be any pest menace and they get higher yields.

"Before this, tanks and ponds should be filled up. During the first COVID wave, farmers contributed 17 percent income to the GSDP and came to the rescue. Agriculture has become the backbone of the state's economy. In the past, united AP rulers said agriculture is waste and looking down upon it. Now it is proved that the united AP rulers were wrong," he said.

He said it is no small achievement that under the Kaleswaram project along two crops are cultivated in a year in 35 lakh acres. "Telangana stood second in the country after Punjab in Paddy production. Due to the negligence of the united AP rulers, farmers have spent Rs 50,000 Crore from their own pockets and dug 30,000 Borewells. It was a pathetic situation then and farmers sold the precious Jewelry of their wives like the Mangal Sutra to cultivate crops," he said.

He said with the government is supplying 24-hour uninterrupted, free power to farmers.

The CM instructed the engineers to fill tanks, ponds, and reservoirs as on top priority this Monsoon season. "The Check dams constructed with Rs 4000 crore are yielding good results. 50,000 tanks should be filled to the brim. By June 30, the first phase of Check dams should be completed," he instructed.

The CM said water would be available from Yellampally to Dummugudem till October last week. "Water should be lifted immediately to fill check dams, tanks, and ponds. This will ensure water for the second crop and will raise the groundwater table. The same method should be followed in the Krishna basin too," he said.

The CM said with the revival of the SRSP, there is no water shortage Suryapet and Tungaturthy last Ayucut. He said Mallanna Sagar is becoming a boon to Husnabad, Old Medak, Aler, Bhongir, and Janagaon.

"If Sitarama project is completed it would become a gold piece for the Khammam district. Devadula project would be dedicated exclusively to the Warangal district. Similarly, officials should prepare maintenance strategy for other projects in other districts, Godavari Krishna basin irrigation projects," he said.

The CM said Rs 700 Crore has been kept at the disposal of Irrigation officials to repair the canals and other works. "If we press a button at Kaleswaram, water should flow to the tail end of the Ayucut without any problem. Make arrangements accordingly," he said.

KCR said the old tender for the Nellikallu Lift project should be canceled and new bids invited. The CM instructed that this process should be completed in a week's time. The CM also inquired about the progress of works on Sadarghat Barrage.

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