Hyderabad: Telangana has ranked fourth in NITI Aayog India Innovation Index in major state category with a score of 33.23.

NITI Aayog, along with the Institute for Competitiveness, released the second edition of the India Innovation Index in a virtual event. The report examines the innovation capabilities and performance of the states and union territories. The first edition of the index was launched in October 2019.

In the 'Major States' category, Karnataka continued to occupy the top position with 42.50 scores, while Maharashtra(38.03) moved past Tamil Nadu(37.91) to reach second place. Telangana (33.23), Kerala (30.58), Haryana (25.81), Andhra Pradesh (24.19), Gujarat (23.63), Uttar Pradesh (22.85) and Punjab (22.54) completed the top ten in that order.

Karnataka's rank is attributable to its substantive number of venture capital deals, registered geographical indicators, and information and communications technology exports.

Overall, Delhi (46.60) retained its first rank, while Chandigarh (38.57) made a big leap since 2019 and landed in second place this year. Under the 'North-Eastern/Hill States' category, Himachal Pradesh(25.06) moved up from the second position to emerge as the top ranker this year, while 2019's top performer (in this category), Sikkim(20.28), slipped down to the fourth position

The innovation inputs were measured through five enabler parameters and the output through two performance parameters. While 'Human Capital', 'Investment', 'Knowledge Workers', 'Business Environment', 'Safety and Legal Environment' were identified as enabler parameters, 'Knowledge Output' and 'Knowledge Diffusion' were chosen as the performance parameters.

In the Human Capital category, Telangana ranks eighth with 45.90 scores. The top scorer was Tamil Nadu with 62.80 scores. In Investment, Telangana ranks 8 with 7.90 scores while Karnataka was the top scorer with 33.01. In the category of Knowledge workers, Telangana ranks fifth with 16.22 score while Maharashtra scores highest with 22.81. In the Business Environment category, Telangana scores 7 with 26.16 sore while Kerala tops the category with 37.12 scores.

In Safety and Legal Environment category, Telangana ranks ninth with 58.81 scores while Punjab tops the category with 67.91 scores. In Knowledge output category Telangana ranks second with 28.13 scores while Maharashtra tops the category with 34.57 scores. In the Knowledge Diffusion category, Telangana ranks fourth with 42.71 scores while Karnataka tops the category with 72.26 scores.

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