Huzurabad by-poll is the costliest in recent times. Moreover, it is a fight between two stalwarts of Telangana politics -- Etala Rajender and KCR.

Eatala was the first person to help KCR financially to establish TRS. Eatala's refusal to accept KTR as TRS chief led to the current political tug-of-war between the two. Fearing backlash from KCR, Etala joined BJP half-heartedly just to save himself from political vendetta.

It is learnt that it was pressure from his wife and son that Etala joined BJP. But from the first day, he knew BJP would never let him flourish. A proponent of left ideology, he never liked BJP, and they too did not want him. If Revanth Reddy would have been appointed PCC chief of Telangana during that period, Etala would have joined congress.

During the poll campaign, Etala didn't use PM Modi's pictures. None of his campaign vehicles had pictures of Modi, Shah, or Bandi Sanjay. It was only party symbol, lotus, and his picture one could see.

BJP left Etala Rajender to fight his own battle. He was requesting voters to consider his personal credibility, not the party. Eatala had to import people from Karimnagar, Warangal, and Hyderabad to campaign for him. There was no local cadre to support him.

During the 2018 general elections, Eatala secured one lakh votes. Congress stood second with 60000 votes. NOTA was third and the independent candidate finished fourth. BJP stood fifth with 1600 votes.

One can clearly see that BJP has no chance to stand if it wasn't for Eatala. Now Huzurabad voters' first choice is TRS and BJP is second because of Eatala. Eatala has the support of some minorities as well.

Congress has fielded Venkat, NSUI Telangana president. He is riding on youth and first-time voters. He's targeting scholarships, unemployment, and commodity prices mostly. Being a youth leader he has good youth support.

Moreover, MLA Seethakka campaigning alongside Venkat is a treat to watch. Seethakka has support among women voters. Clearly, one can see her hard work during the campaign. Her credibility among women voters can turn the tables.

TRS candidate is just banking on KCR. He has nothing new to offer. He is just whipping Etala by corruption stick. Caste is also playing a major role in the constituency. Minority organizations like Hafiz Shabbir Ahmed lead Jamiat-E-Ulema is supporting TRS. So minority votes can help TRS against Eatala.

BJP: 30k to 45k ( only for Rajendra, 2% for BJP)

Congress: 20k to 30k ( loyal Congress votes)

TRS: 50k to 60k (TRS loyal voters & note makers)




CONGRESS is not in the race.

Syed Majid Shuttari

Syed Majid Shuttari is a political observer.

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