`Palle Pragathi': Telangana government to create 19,470 village natural forests across state

Telangana government has decided to create 19,470 village natural forests in all the habitations across the state.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  12 Jan 2021 4:37 AM GMT
`Palle Pragathi:  Telangana government to create 19,470 village natural forests across state

Hyderabad: Telangana government has decided to create 19,470 village natural forests in all the habitations across the state.

The government has identified land at 19,027 places for the project. Saplings have been planted at 15, 646 places so far.

"In the past, forests were destructed. But now there is greenery in the villages. Every village has a plant nursery now. There are 12, 755 Plant nurseries all over the State. The planting and protection of trees have been done with utmost responsibility. Of the saplings planted 91 percent survived in the rural areas. In order to have one public garden in every village natural forest programme was launched as part of Palle Pragathi," said Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.

He said at the formation of Telangana State, only 84 Gram Panchayats had tractors. "But now of the 12,765 Gram Panchayats, 12, 681 villages have their own tankers, tractors with trolleys. This alone explains from where the villages have developed to what extent," he said

KCR said the government took a special interest and constructing one Rythu Vedika at every cluster. "Of the 2,601 Farmers Daises being constructed, Vedikas are completed at 2580 places. Dump Yards construction is going on at 12, 736 places, and 91 percent of the works are completed. At 9023 Dumping Yards, Compost is being made. In the past people who owned no land used to face problems, as there were no crematoria or burial grounds. To put an end to such suffering, the state government has decided to have one Vaikunta Dham in every village. Vaikunta Dhams are being constructed at 12742 villages," he said.

Drying floors

Drying Floors are being created at 93,875 places in the State in the first phase. Earlier Gram Panchayats never use to pay their electricity bills on time leading to major dues to the electricity organizations. With the initiatives taken by the government, now Gram Panchayats are paying their electricity bills on time.

"Every month, the government is releasing Rs 308 Crore to the Gram Panchayats without fail. This is leading to gram panchayats taking up the developmental works without any hindrance. There is no other state in the country except Telangana state, which has villages with greenery, cleanliness, and transparent governance. Due to the increase in cleanliness, there are no cases of Dengue in the village this time," he said.

KCR said Ministers and MLAs should monitor the Palle Pragathi works whenever they visit the villages. Solve if there are any problems. "Mandal Panchayat Officers should regularly visit the villages. Since every village has a plant nursery, replace the dying plants. Every household should get six plants," the CM instructed.

The urban scenario is changing due to Pattana Pragathi: CM

The CM said the urban landscape is changing for the better due to the Pattana Pragathi programme. He said in all the municipalities the measures to increase clean and green cover and to better the infrastructure facilities have been yielding good results. For the development programme in the urban areas, the government every year is releasing Rs 148 Crore. He said additional funds are given to the GHMC and other Corporations.

"There are 2802 Sanitation vehicles in the urban areas in the State. We are arranging for 2004 more. With this, 4806 Sanitation Vehicles would be available. Dump Yards are being constructed in all the urban areas. 1018 Plant nurseries in urban areas and 500 under GHMC are already set up. The government wants Vaikunta Dhams in all the urban areas. Construct one Vaikunta Dham for every one lakh population. If need, buy land for this purpose from the Municipality funds. In 116 Urban areas, Veg and Non-Veg integrated markets are being set up. The government has decided to construct more if the population is more," he said.

KCR said the government has decided to allocate funds for the construction of integrated markets in the state Budget this year. "People who come to urban areas especially women are facing problems due to lack of toilets. Construct public toilets in all the urban areas. For this utilize government land or government office premises," the CM said.

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