Hyderabad: The sudden increase in the number of new COVID cases across districts is a result of infected persons moving from severely hit Maharashtra to Telangana, Health Minister Eatala Rajender said.

Addressing media persons on 7th April, the Minister said, 'About 60 per cent of cases in the country are registered from Maharashtra alone. Due to the lockdown in many cities of Maharashtra, migrants from Telangana are returning home. And those infected persons are turning out to be super spreaders. The district that share border with Maharashtra are on high alert and officials have been asked to be vigilant" said Eatala Rajender.

The health minister, however, asserted that most infected migrants returning home asymptomatic.

It is pertinent to note that Nanded, a district in Maharashtra is a neighbour to the Nizamabad district of Telangana. Nanded has been placed under lockdown since March 25, 2021. Following this, Nizamabad has seen a spurt of Covid19 cases. In the last week alone, the district has reported 678 new cases. Also, the Nirmal which touches the border of Maharashtra has reported 452 cases. A month ago, these districts were reporting cases in single digits, the minister adds.

Speaking to NewsMeter, the District Medical and Health Officer Nizamabad, Dr Sudharshanam said that they have put four testing facilities at the roads crossing the border of Maharashtra. "If someone has tested positive, he/she will be asked to get isolated and they will be provided with health kits. Because of the lockdown in Nanded, the floating population is more than normal as most of the residents of the district are currently unemployed," said Dr Sudharshanam.

In the Nizamabad district, the health department has set up a target of 2,600 tests every day. "We are doing more than 3,000 tests every day above our original target. At the border, we have set up the Rapid Antigen Test facilities. Also, if someone above the age of 45 is returning to the district, they are being encouraged to take the vaccine," said Dr Sudharshanam added.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister said that the state is vaccinating 56 thousand people per day. "We are arranging to give it to 1.5 lakh people in the future. Tests will be done per lakh people per day if required. Telangana is providing Covid19 services while maintaining regular services at all hospitals. Medical health department staff are available 24 hours a day without leave," said Eatala Rajender.

The Health Minister also said that the government has set up isolation centres in 33 districts. Covid 19 treatment is available in all district centres and gets treatment at government hospitals that have all the facilities

The Health Minister asserts that there will be no lockdown in the state.

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