Wont send them to School: TS parents against state's move to reopen Edu institutions

Telangana parents have started an online petition asking the state government to postpone the reopening of schools from 1 July.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  20 Jun 2021 12:07 PM GMT
Wont send them to School: TS parents against states move to reopen Edu institutions

Hyderabad: Telangana parents have started an online petition asking the state government to postpone the reopening of schools from 1 July. Reopening educational institutions and schools is a dangerous move when there's a clear indication of kids being the next target of COVID-19, they said demanding the continuation of online classes.

"I am surprised. On what guarantee is the government reopening schools? Did the virus come and secretly inform the government that it is gone? Why target the kids? Are the governments trying to help educational institutions? I don't see this helping the children. We all understand that kids staying at home for long isn't good but we also can't risk their lives. Are governments ready to tackle any eventuality due to the reopening of schools?" asked Vasantha Krishna VK, a parent.

Another parent added that the government can start everything else but not schools. "Kids are the future of this country. Their lives are more important than any generation here. This world is in their hands. The third COVID-19 wave is yet to hit. Not everyone is vaccinated and there are several unrecorded cases. The government can't neglect all these aspects and give permission to reopen schools. After a month we will be back to square one," said Archana Alle.

She further said that instead of making hasty decisions, the government should ask parents, schools, and kids to take all precautionary measures. "The government should change its decision. Precaution is always better than having a paediatric emergency in the state," she added.

Many parents are asking the government to allow kids in schools only after they are vaccinated. "I am worried about the health of my child. Schools should not be opened until children are fully vaccinated," said Gagan Tuli.

Sowmya Reddy added, "I am not willing to send my kids to school any time soon due to COVID fear. Kids should be vaccinated before school starts."

Nishi Saxena shared similar fears of the third wave of COVID-19 affecting children. Children are not yet vaccinated and it is a dangerous move to reopen schools and put our children's lives at risk, Nishi said, adding, "Please wait till each child gets vaccination at least."

Many parents are saying that the well-being and the lives of their children are more important than their studies right now. "I don't want to put our kids in danger. Online classes are going just fine. So why not continue this?" added Shweta Jagadev.

On 19 June, the Telangana Cabinet decided to completely lift all lockdown restrictions in the state. It has instructed the education department to reopen all categories of educational institutions in the state from 1 July with full preparedness and allow the students to attend classes physically.

The Cabinet examined the reports submitted by the medical and health department officials which stated that the number of COVID-19 cases and positive cases have drastically come down and that the situation is now under control. Hence, the Cabinet arrived at the decision to lift the lockdown. It has instructed officials from all departments to lift all restrictions imposed during the lockdown in the state.

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