`Public Affairs Index': Telangana 3rd best-governed state, Andhra 8th

Telangana with a score of 1.380 emerges as the best-performing state in the Growth Pillar.

By Sumit Jha  Published on  3 Nov 2021 8:51 AM GMT
`Public Affairs Index: Telangana 3rd best-governed state, Andhra 8th

Hyderabad: Telangana has been adjudged as the third best-governed state in the country, while Andhra Pradesh has been placed at the eighth position among the 18 larger state categories, according to the Public Affairs Index(PAI)-2021 released by the Public Affairs Centre.

Telangana has scored 0.0891, while Andhra Pradesh got 0.077 points. Kerala topped the list in the category of large states followed by Tamilnadu. Kerala Scored 1.618 points, and Tamilnadu scored 0.897. Among the worst performers are Yogi Adityanath led the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh, Nitish Kumar government in Bihar. Uttar Pradesh scored -1.418, Bihar scored -1.343.

The model of Public Affairs Index-2021 focuses on integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda with the development trajectory of the states. PAI 2020 comprises 3 Pillars of growth, equity, and sustainability, 5 Themes, 13 SDGs, and 43 indicators.

Telangana has scored 0.642, while Andhra Pradesh got 0.086 points in equity principal. PAI 2021 Index analyses the inclusiveness impact at the sub-national level in the country and inclusiveness in terms of the welfare of a society that depends primarily on establishing that all people feel that they have a say in the governance and are not excluded from the mainstream policy framework.

"This requires all individuals and communities, but particularly the most vulnerable, to have an opportunity to improve or maintain their wellbeing. This chapter of PAI 2021 reflects the performance of states and UTs during the pandemic and questions the governance infrastructure in the country, analyzing the effectiveness of schemes and the general livelihood of the people in terms of Equity," the report said.

Telangana with a score of 1.380 emerges as the best-performing state in the Growth Pillar. Telangana has succeeded Kerala from PAI 2020 in the Growth Pillar, while Karnataka which ranked 2nd last year has slid down to 6th.

"Growth in its multidimensional form encompasses the essence of access to and the availability and optimal utilization of resources. By resources, PAI 2021 refers to human resources, infrastructure, and budgetary allocations. Capacity building of an economy cannot take place if all the key players of growth do not drive development. The multiplier effects of better health care, improved educational outcomes, increased capital accumulation, and lower unemployment levels contribute magnificently to the growth and development of the States," the report said.

In pursuit of sustainability, Telangana ranks sixth with a score of 0.652. In Mid Day Meal scheme, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana appear as the bottom two performers. In the MNREGA scheme, Andhra Pradesh appears second.

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