Mahbubabad: A vegetable seller in Mahabubabad district was shocked to find that rats had destroyed cash worth Rs. 2 lakhs that he had saved for his surgery.

Bhokayya Reddaiah, a resident of Venmur gram panchayat, Indra Nagar Tandah, was a vegetable seller. He had saved Rs. 2 lakhs for his medical treatment.

As surgery was inevitable due to a tumour in his abdomen, the doctors had said it would cost Rs. 4 lakh. In addition to the money he got by selling vegetables, he had also borrowed money from others and collected Rs. 2 lakh and kept the cash in a bag at home.

After he found that rats had chewed away his cash a shocked Reddiah took the destroyed currency notes to the State Bank of India, Mehboobabad, and told the bank officials his tragic tale. The officials, though moved, said the money was not valid anymore. They advised him that he should contact the Reserve Bank of India in Hyderabad.

Hearing his plight, Telangana minister for tribal, women, and child welfare Satyavathi Rathod came forward to help the man. On Sunday, the minister assured Reddaiah that she will arrange for his surgery in whichever hospital he preferred and also provide financial assistance.

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