Hyderabad: The second Oxygen Express reached Sanathnagar Goods Complex on Tuesday. The train brought 60.23 metric tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) in four tankers. These tanks were sent empty earlier from the Sanathnagar Goods Complex on April 29.

The second Oxygen Express came from Angul, Odisha. It traveled a distance of 1,334 km in just 31 hours, with the train traveling at an average speed of 43 kmph from its starting station. To ensure that trains reach the destination at the fastest possible time, railways created a green corridor for uninterrupted fast movement of these oxygen special trains.

Further, as LMO is a cryogenic cargo, transportation of the tankers by railways was carried out taking into consideration limitations with regard to maximum speed, maximum acceleration and deceleration of the trains. In addition, route mapping was done so as to ensure that the movement of tankers by railways is smooth with regard to curves, adequate height clearance along the route of ROBs, RUBs, FOBs.

The Indian Railways have initiated operating Oxygen Express trains across the country during these critical times to provide safe, secure, hassle-free and fast transportation of oxygen to different parts of the country. These trains are operated at the request of the state governments. Accordingly, both the Oxygen Express trains from Telangana were operated in both conditions (empty and loaded) from Hyderabad to Odisha.

The first Oxygen Express was loaded with five tankers which commenced its journey from Angul in Odisha and reached Secunderabad on Sunday. The five empty tankers were sent from Secunderabad (Secunderabad Cantonment Military Siding) on 28 April. These tankers after getting filled with liquid oxygen commenced their journey back to Secunderabad along with the Oxygen Express. The five tankers are together carrying 124.26 MT tonnes of oxygen.

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