Hyderabad: A day after Telangana minister of IT, KT Rama announced that registration of non-agricultural will resume in the state as per the Computer-Aided Administration Registration.

Property owners are witnessing technical glitches while booking slots for registration of non-agricultural properties on Friday. The website didn't show up for many many hours, forcing property owners to postpone the slot booking on the first day.

"When we reached the Sub Registration Office in Bibinagar, the server was not working. It was showing error 503- service not available," said Galibe Vishal, property owner.

Mr T Praveen who recently purchased a property in Cherpally said, 'Since 9 AM we waited to book a slot, the error was reoccurring. Now the sub-registrar office have asked us to come on Monday. My loan amount has been stuck due to delay in the registration of properties'.

It is pertinent to note that many bankers have put on hold approved loan following the freezing of property registration.

The document writers are asked to come for the slot booking work, but because of the server failure they also have to sit idle in the office. Citizens are coming for the property registration in the hope their property will get registered. Though, they are not informed that the property will get registered without LRS registration or not. "We are not sure without LRS registration it will get registered or not and also we asked this to officials here, they also don't have any idea about it," said Galibe Vishal.

A day after This announcement follows a direction from the High Court. The judiciary on Thursday clarified that the State government can go ahead with registration of non-agricultural properties without insisting for details of Aadhaar card, caste and family members of citizens. Online slots have to be booked for registration.

The registration of non-agriculture property on the Dharani portal was scheduled to start from 23 November. On 3 November, the Telangana High Court put a stay on registration after hearing three petitions raising doubts about the safety and security of the details filed on the portal.

The High Court was looking into the procedures adopted for registration of non-agricultural properties on the portal, and directed the state to go ahead with the registration for non-agricultural properties according to the old system.

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