Hyderabad: Telangana government has requested Indian Railways to ship refilled Oxygen tankers from Odisha's Angul in a bid to help the state to tide over the crisis.

An empty rake is on its way from Secunderabad to Angul with five empty tankers. The tankers are expected to reach Angul tomorrow.

Oxygen Express Operations of Indian Railways continued to bring relief to the states as its operations expanded to Haryana and Telangana after Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi.

Continuing the momentum, there are three more trains on the run either carrying Liquid Oxygen or on the way to the loading plants. It is expected that cumulative liquid medical oxygen (LMO) carried by Indian railways will reach almost 640 MT in the next 24 hrs.

Uttar Pradesh received its Oxygen express carrying 76.29 MT of liquid medical oxygen (LMO) today in 5 tankers. 1 Tanker was offloaded in Varanasi, while the remaining 4 tankers were offloaded in Lucknow. Carrying 33.18 MT LMO in 4 tankers, train number six is on its way to Lucknow. Another empty rake is expected to leave Lucknow today for bringing the next set of oxygen tankers.

Haryana will receive its first Oxygen express as a train with two tankers is expected to leave Angul (Orissa) today. Empty rake from Faridabad to Rourkela is also on its way and is expected to reach tonight. A continuous stream of Oxygen trains to Haryana will ensure oxygen replenishment for Covid-19 patients in the state.

Railways are in full preparedness for providing oxygen transportation services to all the states in need. In the ongoing operation, States provide tankers to the Railways.

Railways proceed in the fastest feasible mode to bring the Oxygen supplies from the locations and delivers them to the requisitioning state.

Liquid Oxygen being a cryogenic cargo has many limitations like the maximum speed at which it can be carried, maximum acceleration & deceleration and loading restrictions like availability of liquid oxygen tankers and loading ramps etc. Route mapping also takes care of the maximum clearances available along the route (because of various RUBs and FOBs).

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