Hyderabad: The AICC national spokesperson, Dr. Sravan Dasoju, on 13 March alleged that the ruling TRS party is resorting to massive illegal and unethical election practices by dispensing huge amounts of money and liquor to buy graduate voters to win the elections. According to him, the ruling party leaders are trying to influence the voters by distributing Rs. 5,000 -Rs 10,000 to each voter while providing liquor and arranging parties to entice them.

"Chief Minister KCR has made politics a corporate business and bought leaders from sarpanches to MLAs and MPs in the state. He has a habit of buying public representatives, including voters, like we purchase cattle in the market. He is once again following a similar model here in the MLC elections to manipulate voters. Therefore, I appeal to all the graduate voters to be vigilant about his money trap and just follow your conscience and cast your valuable vote on Sunday," Dr. Sravan said.

He reminded the graduates that if they succumb to the pressures of the TRS, there is a possibility of losing our right to question the government on all the pending issues, including unemployment which is a paramount necessity for over 40 lakh unemployed youth in Telangana.

"Remember, if we take money from the TRS and vote for them, we will lose the right to question the government over its arrogant nature and negligent behavior and we cannot quiz the government on job notifications for filling up 1.93 lakh vacant government jobs while regularizing 1.20 lakh contract employees. We will lose the voice to ask the government for the implementation of the prestigious ITIR project, animation and gaming project which can potentially generate over 60 lakh jobs. Our voice will be lost to ask for initiating an unemployment stipend of Rs. 3,016 per month. Therefore, selling votes means selling our self-respect and selling our fundamental right to question the government," Dr. Sravan appealed.

The senior Congress leader also requested the State Election Commission (EC) to look into the matter and take appropriate action against the TRS leaders for circulating money illegally.

Meanwhile, Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar also alleged that parties are enticing voters by giving money to them. "An attempt was made to intimidate the employees. Who need not fear. We urge graduates and intellectuals to vote for their conscience. Although it is hoped that more graduates will take part in the polls and increase their vote share," said Bandi Sanjay Kumar.

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