Jangaon: Workers clearing land in Pembarthi village in Jangaon district for a temple were in for a surprise when they discovered a pot of gold and silver.

Narsimha Pembarti of Hyderabad had bought 11 acres of non-cultivated land near the Warangal-Hyderabad national highway in Pembarthi village. He was building a temple in his mother's name on the land.

On 8 April, workers were removing boulders to level the land when they found a pot containing 189.820 grams of gold and 1.727 kg silver at a depth of two feet. Narsimha immediately informed the authorities.

Joint collector A. Bhaskar Rao, tehsildar P. Ravindra, ACP Vinod Kumar, village sarpanch Ambala Anjaneyulu, and historian Ratnakar Reddy weighed the gold and silver in front of the villagers.

After opening the pot, the authorities found 22 earrings weighing 77.220 grams, 51 gundlu weighing 57.800 grams, 11 pustelu weighing 17.800 grams, Naga Padigelu weighing 13 grams, and small gold sticks weighing 24 grams. They also found 1.227 kg of silver sticks (kadiyalu), five silver chains weighing 216 grams, 21 silver rings weighing 242 grams, and 37 silver pieces weighing 42 grams.

Apart from gold and silver, seven rubies (pagadalu) and a copper pot weighing 1.2 kgs were also found. An inscription of a Kakatiya date was also found under the pond embankment.

Meanwhile, the authorities have seized the pot. Villagers are asking archaeological officials to conduct excavations. However, archaeologists are trying to gather enough evidence before reaching any conclusions about the gold. The locals are demanding that the temple be built with the money found in the pot.

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