Picture claiming Sitaram Yechury reading an apology in Indira Gandhi's presence is FALSE.

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  11 Jan 2020 4:40 PM GMT
Picture claiming  Sitaram Yechury reading an apology in Indira Gandhis presence  is FALSE.

Hyderabad: A picture from the archives in which Former Prime minister Indira Gandhi and Communist Party Leader Sitharam Yechury found reading from a paper at JNU has gone viral in social media. In the picture, late Indira Gandhi is seen standing before a crowd of students next to Mr. Yechury who is found reading.

Interestingly,this picture is being shared with two different claims. One claim being – "1975, Emergency

Indira Gandhi enters JNU with Delhi Police and beats up CPI leader @SitaramYechury who was at that time President of JNUSU and forces him to resign and read an apology letter for protesting against emergency. This is called Iron Hand dealing with Communists.😂😂. Amit shah ji looks saint in front of her. 😆". The images was shared by few handles who called themselves social media influencer, the claims received thousands of likes and retweets, on twitter

Another claim that followed was "Then JNUSU President Sitaram Yechury reading out the resolution that demanded Mrs. Indira Gandhi resign from the chancellorship of JNU in the presence of Mrs Gandhi in the university in 1977. Can you imagine something like that happening today.

Fact Check: When performed Reverse image search in Google, we found several articles from India Resists and Hindustan Times.Here are some of the news reports



According to these reports, after the Emergency, Mrs Gandhi lost the elections in 1977 but continued to be the vice chancellor of the University. On September 5, 1977, Sitaram Yechury along with the students went to Indira Gandhi's residence where he read the memorandum of students demanding her resignation as Chancellor of the University,

While he was reading the memorandum, the late Prime Minister walked back to her residence in anger, her resignation followed the next day.

According to the portfolio of Sitaram Yechury published in the official website of Communist Party of India (Marxist), he joined Students Federation of India (SFI) in 1974 and joined the CPI(M) in 1975. After organizing resistance against Emergency, he was arrested in 1975. When Emergency ended, he was elected as president of JNU student's union thrice during one year. (1977-78).


So the claim that this happened during the emergency in 1975, but the incident took place in 1977. And this happened in Mrs Gandhi's residence but not in JNU campus. She did not force him to resign or make an apology.

Hence, the claim that Sitaram Yechury was resigning and reading an apology letter in the photo is FALSE.

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