This is how the new US Consulate building in Hyderabad to look

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  10 March 2020 4:00 PM GMT
This is how the new US Consulate building  in Hyderabad to look

Hyderabad: The new US Consulate General in Hyderabad will be spread over 12 acres and will be built at a cost of $350.5 million. It will be completed by fall 2021. The consulate building is being constructed in the Nanakramguda village in the Hyderabad Financial District. An estimated $33 million is being invested in the local economy and an estimated workforce of over 1,000 Americans, Indians, and third-country workers are involved.

The design of the building is influenced by the topography of the site, characterised by its rock formation on a steep slope. The buildings are positioned to allow for integration and protection of the naturally-occurring boulders on the site. The design focuses on native boulder formations as well as an adjoining open space.

The design pursues rigorous energy-saving and sustainability goals aiming to reduce environmental impact, optimise building performance, and enhance the self-sufficiency of the campus. The project is registered with the US green building council for leadership in energy and environmental design green building rating system.

About 75 per cent of wastewater will be reused on-site for irrigation to reduce the utility costs and stress on the local infrastructure. The design will reduce water-use both inside and outside the main office building. Natural lighting and airflow are used where possible to reduce energy use. The buildings are strategically oriented to reduce heat gain and maximise views.

The buildings will also have a permanent art collection, curated by the office of art in embassies. The artworks will include painting, photography, textile, and sculpture by artists from both the United States and India. The ultimate focus of the collection will be artwork that creates a dialogue of shared cultural values between American and host country artists.

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