Three year old mysterious weapon theft case cracked, accused arrested in Siddipet

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 Feb 2020 6:08 AM GMT
Three year old mysterious weapon theft case cracked, accused arrested in Siddipet

Siddipet: A dispute between two neighbors has helped police to solve the three year old weapon theft mystery at Akkannapet of Siddipet district.

A few days ago, Devuni Sadanandam fired some shots from AK 47 riffle to threaten his neighbor after dispute erupted over a compound wall. The incident created quite a buzz in the area. Police immediately arrested Sadanandam and recovered AK 47 and a carbine riffle from his home.

Investigations into the incident however revealed that the AK 47 riffle used in the crime was stolen from Husnabad police station in 2017.

Siddipet in-charge commissioner Swetha Reddy said that accused Devuni Sadanandam had stolen AK 47 and a carbine riffle from Husnabad police station in March 2017.

Police said Sadanandam had stolen the assault rifle along with a magazine containing 30 rounds of ammunition and a carbine from Husnabad police station by opening the bell of arms.

Reddy said a probe has been ordered into the incident and action will be taken against the cops if they are found responsible for theft of weapons.

Earlier there were allegations that the two weapons were stolen by the gunman of the then Circle Inspector of Husnabad police station, who has now retired from service. An inquiry in this connection was initiated against him.

During interrogation, Sadanandam revealed that due to a financial dispute with his wife Komuravva, he used to frequent Husnabad police station. During his visits, he observed the movements of the staff at the police station.

On the occasion of Holi in 2017, he camped in front of the police station. Around 4 am, he walked into the police station and found that the hall was empty. He found a bunch of keys hanging on the wall. He opened the bell of arms and decamped with an AK 47 and a carbine weapon.

Police said though he stole the weapons to threaten Komuravva and his opponents, he never used it. Later his dispute with Komuravva was resolved amicably. He used the weapon for the first time last week when dispute erupted between him and his neighbor over a compound wall

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