TiE awards four Hyderabad based women led startups

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 Aug 2020 4:40 PM GMT
TiE awards four Hyderabad based women led startups

Hyderabad: Four Hyderabad based startups received accolades at the TiE Woman Regional Fields Awards on Monday. Of the 16 women-led startups that participated in the event, four were from Hyderabad- Dibbu Solutions, Sapiens Biosciences, Luxpack, and Hemis.

Sapiens Biosciences, co-founded by Dr Jugnu Jain bagged the first prize for her biobank multi-disease screening solutions.

Dibbu Solutions, which works to produce washable and reusable masks bagged the award for the first runner up. The second runner up position was taken by Silpa Reddy's Luxpack, while Prashansa Shahani bagged the third runner up spot.

Sapien Biosciences works to create a diverse sample collection of biobank that deals with cancers, rare disorders, cardiovascular conditions, and type 2 diabetes. As the winner of the regional finals, Dr Jugnu won a fully paid Boot Camp organised by tech accelerator empoWer.

Dibbu Solutions' Hecoll, a washable face mask and headgear, bagged the second runner up position. Silpa Lingareddy received the accolade for her luxury box company, Luxpack. And Prashansa's Hemis won the third runner up for Hemp, a line which has sustainable apparel, accessories, stationery, home furnishing, and nutrition.

The three runner ups will also be given the opportunity to attend empoWer's boot camp and will be incubated with SRiX. They will also receive a six-month-long mentorship at Telangana's technological arm T Hub and will be part of Mentor Advisor programme offered by TiE Hyderabad.

TiE Women (Hyderabad) is a flagship initiative that was launched by TiE Global in 2019.

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