Toddler has Delhi doc treat doll also

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  31 Aug 2019 8:19 AM GMT
Toddler has Delhi doc treat doll also

Delhi: A doctor who treated a toddler girl has won the hearts of many including Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal.

Taking to Twitter Mr Kejriwal tweeted, "Such a sweet gesture from our doctors. My best wishes to the little girl. Doctors are the backbone of our public health system. Salute their commitment to serving people!

Two-year-old Fareen had fractured her legs when she fell from the bed, two months ago. Her legs had to be put in a cast and hung as part of the treatment. However, due to the inconvenience, she would cry and refuse to drink milk. Dr Ajay at the Loknayak hospital who is treating Fareen found out that the toddler was attached to a doll. During play-acting, if the doll was given milk then Fareen would also drink milk.

Dr Ajay then plastered and hung the doll's legs and this method worked allowing them to treat Fareen. Speaking to the media Dr Ajay said, "Fareen is taking her medication. The difference is that we have to act that we are also administered medicines to the doll."

The two now lie together on the bed and Fareen and her doll are famous in the hospital. Fareen is expected to make a full recovery in another week.

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