14L devotees, 20L laddus: Kanaka Durga temple gears up for Dasara

The district has deployed 5,000 policemen for the smooth conduct of the celebrations, and 400 CCTV cameras installed on the temple premises.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Sep 2022 1:45 PM GMT
14L devotees, 20L laddus: Kanaka Durga temple gears up for Dasara

Vijayawada: Two years after the Covid-19 pandemic, over 14 lakh devotees are expected to visit the Kanaka Durga temple for the Dasara celebrations—from 26 September to 5 October— atop Indrakeeladri. Ahead of the festival, the temple authorities have made elaborate arrangements in coordination with the district and police department.

NTR district collector S. Dilli Rao said they are expecting 60,000 devotees per day between 26 September and 1 October and about 1.5 lakh per day from 2 to 5 October. "Keeping in view the huge crowd, a six-bed hospital has been arranged at the Ghat road near the entrance of the temple and 15 medical camps are set up at various locations," he said.

The district has deployed 5,000 policemen for the smooth conduct of the celebrations. A 24x7 command and control room has been set up at the State Guest House to monitor 400 CCTV cameras installed on the temple premises.

20 lakh laddus

The temple will make available 20 lakh laddus for the devotees through 18 counters, including 13 at Kanakadurga Nagar at the foot of Indrakeeladri and one counter each at the Ghat road, Punnami ghat, bus station, railway station, and State Guest House.

800 showers

Over 800 showers are made available at the ghats, including Seethammavari Padalu, Dobhi Ghat, Punnami Ghat, and Bhavani Ghat. A total of 250 Nayi Brahmins will be available per shift at the tonsuring centres set up at Seethammavari Padalu, Punnami, and Bhavani ghats.

Darshan tickets

The collector said darshan tickets priced at Rs. 100 and Rs. 300 will be available online and Rs. 500 VIP tickets will be sold at the State Guest House, Collectorate, VMC office, tourism guest house, tollgate, and Om turning point.

Traffic diversions

Here are the traffic diversions:

· NTR district police commissioner Kanti Rana Tata said traffic restrictions will be enforced in Vijayawada during the Navaratri festival from 26 September to 5 October. Heavy vehicles are not allowed in Vijayawada city during the festival days. Heavy and medium-size vehicles are being diverted to avoid any inconvenience to those traveling through Vijayawada during the festival time. Twelve parking lots have been arranged throughout the city.

· Vehicles going towards Visakhapatnam from Hyderabad via Vijayawada will be diverted via G. Kondur, Mylavaram, Nujiveedu, and Hanuman junction from Ibrahimpatnam. Vehicles coming from Visakha must go through Hanuman junction.

· Vehicles going towards Chennai from Visakhapatnam will be diverted via Hanuman junction bypass via Gudivada, Palmeru, Avanigadda, Raypalle, Bapatla, Cherala, Trovagunta, and Ongole. Vehicles going from Chennai to Visakha will be diverted from Ongole.

· Vehicles going towards Visakhapatnam via Guntur will be diverted towards Visakhapatnam via Budampadu, Tenali, Vemuru, Kollur, Vellathuru Koodali, Penumudi Varadhi via Avanigadda, Palmeru, Gudivada, Hanuman junction. Vehicles coming from Visakhapatnam will be diverted via Hanuman junction.

· Vehicles plying from Chennai to Hyderabad should go to Hyderabad via Medarametla, Addanki, Pidugaralla, Nadikudi, Miryalaguda, Nalgonda, Narketpally. Vehicles going towards Chennai from Hyderabad will also have to pass through Narkatpally, Miryalaguda, and Nadikudi.

RTC buses

· Buses going from Vijayawada towards Hyderabad, Jaggayapeta, and Tiruvuru will be diverted via Pandit Nehru bus station, Kanakadurga flyover, Swati Koodali, Gollapudi Y Koodali, and Ibrahimpatnam. Buses coming towards Vijayawada will also be allowed through the flyover.

· RTC buses running from Vijayawada city bus stand to Vidyadharapuram and Pala Project will be sent via Pandit Nehru bus station, Old Police Control Room, Gadda Bomma Kudali, Kaleswara Rao Market, Panja Centre, VG Chowk, Chittanagar.

· From 1 to 2 October, RTC and city buses will not be allowed to ply towards Kanakadurga over bridge and Kaleswara Rao Market. Only pedestrians are allowed on these routes. Vehicles plying this route will be sent via PNBS, Old PCR, Challapalli Bangla junction, Eluru Lakulu, Budameru Bridge, Pipe Road, YV Rao Estate, CVR Pi Bridge, Sithara, Gollapudi Y Junction, Ibrahimpatnam.

· Motorists traveling in the city should take the Kanakadurga over bridge or the Chittanagar tunnel towards Bhavanipuram. No vehicles will be allowed from Kummaripalem to Ghat road and from Ghat road to Kummaripalem.

Parking lots

· Two-wheelers should be parked at Padmavati Ghat, Irrigation parking, Gaddabomma parking, Lotus Apartment parking.

· Cars should be parked at Rajiv Gandhi Park pakka road, Kaleswara Rao Market cellar parking, Gandhiji Municipal High School, Thithide parking at Kummaripalem.

· Buses should be halted at Punnami Ghat, Bhavani Ghat, Subbarayudy's vacant lot, Old Soma Company site, Sitara intersection.

· Tourist buses coming from Hyderabad will have to stop at Punnamighat or Bhawani Ghat.

· Tourist buses coming from Visakhapatnam should stop at the Soma Company site near the RTC workshop.

· Buses coming from Guntur side should stop at Subbarayu place opposite Bhavanipuram Dargah.

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