36 students sick after gas leak at Kasturba Gandhi college- Marredpally

Sixteen students are in the intensive care unit and 14 students are in casualty ward as they fainted, choked and some also had fits due to the gas leak

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  18 Nov 2022 11:55 AM GMT
36 students sick after gas leak at Kasturba Gandhi college- Marredpally

Newsmeter Network

Hyderabad: Thirty-six students of Kasturba Gandhi Junior College for Women were affected due to a gas leak in the laboratory on Friday afternoon. Reportedly, excess use of chemicals in the chemistry lab located on the ground floor of the college building led to the incident. Parent A Monica says, "The gas spread from the ground floor to the second, third, and fourth floors of the college."

The gas leak caused some students to vomit, choke, and faint. They were immediately rushed to Geeta Nursing Home where 16 are admitted to the intensive care unit.

According to medical experts, "The gas caused them to choke and affected their breathing due to which some of them suffered from fits and fainted. These students are now put on oxygen therapy in the intensive care unit."

Students under medical supervision

Fourteen students have been put in the daycare and casualty sector on the ground floor of Geeta Nursing Home. Five students have been admitted to the second floor and are undergoing treatment. Students panicked when they saw their classmates and friends faint. First, there was confusion and it took some time for them to realize that there was a gas leak.

Parents demand blood tests

Parents protested outside Geeta Nursing Home demanding that blood samples of all the students must be taken to understand the extent of gas they have inhaled. A Naveen, father of 18-year-old Pallavi says, "My daughter is having acute chest pain and needs immediate attention. It is important to understand how much gas has been inhaled by them."

The parents are also demanding that details be given to them so they can follow up with doctors for further treatment.

Parents are very angry as the college management did not inform them about the incident. It was only through the visuals in media and videos circulated that they rushed to school. Parents also stated that there was a voice message to them from the principal asking them not to speak to the press.

College declared a holiday

After the incident the college has declared a holiday for Saturday. According to the parents, "College said that it was gas from the dead body of a dog which has led to this chaos." Parents demanded that the college management must come out clearly on the issue and take strict action

The Maredpally police station has registered a case of negligence.

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