A `secret' meeting that never was: It is MLAs Vivek, Bethi Subhash Vs Minister Malla Reddy

Of land, ego, and rivalry, BRS MLAs Vivek, Subhash, and Minister Malla Reddy became sworn enemies.

By Coreena Suares  Published on  20 Dec 2022 2:45 AM GMT
A `secret meeting that never was: It is MLAs Vivek, Bethi Subhash Vs Minister Malla Reddy

Hyderabad: BRS Uppal MLA Bethi Subhas Reddy was supposed to attend the inauguration of a Nala retaining wall and two new roads at Dr. A.S Rao Nagar on December 19 morning.

Many civil society members besides BRS cadre were waiting for the MLA, who is known for arriving late at events. However, the MLA kept postponing it and ultimately canceled the event. It was because the breakfast meeting stretched up to lunch hosted by Malkajgiri MLA Mynampally Hanumanth Rao at his house. It was not an ordinary meeting. Five BRS MLAs were present and it signaled a possible 'coup' against Minister Malla Reddy.

Those present at Hanumanth Rao's house include Quthbullapur MLA K Pandu Vivekanand Goud, Serilingampally MLA Arekapudi Gandhi, Uppal MLA Bethi Subhas Reddy, and Kukatpally MLA Madhavaram Krishan Rao. Though the meeting was termed as 'election planning', there was more to it than meets the eye. While Malla Reddy was touring his constituency and had no clue of the 'secret meeting'.

An insider told NewsMeter that at least two MLAs were vexed with Minister Ch Malla Reddy over land issues and the rest have an oozing ego. While the age-old political rivalry between Mynampally Hanumanth Rao and Malla Reddy is known to all.

The meeting, which was supposed to remain `secret', soon became the talk of the town after it was leaked by MLAs themselves. A highly placed source told NewsMeter that out of 5 leaders, Quthbullapur MLA Vivek and Uppal MLA Bethi Subhas Reddy received a 'call' which was no less than a warning from those in the power corridors on the same day. NewMeter's calls and messages to these MLAs, who are generally accessible to the media, went unanswered on Monday.

Bethi Subhas Reddy Vs Malla Reddy:

A 2-acre land dispute on the main road of Suchitra falling in Medchal constituency is a point of conflict between Uppal MLA Bethi Subhas Reddy and Minister Malla Reddy. The land dispute is a decade old. "Vivek and Subhas Reddy are the key MLAs who facilitated the meeting on Monday. Political and personal rivalry with Minister Malla Reddy, who is generally dominant during discussion and political meetings, is said to be the reason," said a source.

Vivekanand Goud Vs Malla Reddy

Vivek's constituency Quthbullapur and Malla Reddy's constituency Medchal share borders at many locations. An insider said that Minister Malla Reddy told a district collector not to do 'works' of any MLAs unless he calls him. This was among the few issues discussed in the key meeting.

Pertinently, the Quthbullapur assembly constituency once comprised 90% rural and 10 % urban areas under the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Areas like Quthbullapur, Jeedimetla, and Suraram were under the municipality. Earlier the MLA had a say in the appointment of Chairmen to Zilla Parishad and other gram panchayats. But after a major chunk of Quthbullapur was brought under the municipalities like Kompally, Dundigal, and Nizampet, the MLA lost its say over the rural belt. Due to borders with the Medchal assembly constituency, issues cropped up between Malla Reddy and Vivek.

Arekapudi Gandhi, Krishna Rao Vs Malla Reddy

The meeting on Monday was primarily facilitated by Vivek and Bethi Subhas Reddy, while Gandhi and Krishna Rao were co-participants who have ego issues with Malla Reddy. "Malla Reddy dominates a discussion. He dismisses others' ideas, thoughts, or plans. His style of functioning is not welcomed by many," added a source.

It is needless to say that Mynampally's rivalry with Malla Reddy is very old. While Mynampally has all eyes on a cabinet seat, today's key meeting came as a booster. Speaking to the media post the meeting, Mynampally said, " Malla Reddy is violating the protocol. He being an in-charge minister for Medchal and Malkajgiri, Malla Reddy is not support to take independent decisions, without the consent of the respective MLAs. Many aspirants who could not get a ticket for GHMC elections look forward for other nominated posts. But minister has appointed his own men as market and library committee chairman. We have done injustice to these aspirants".

He further added, "Earlier we did discuss this issue with Malla Reddy however, he refused to listen. Instead he ensured the GOs were issued immediately against our will. We are working in the interest of the party".

Twist and Turns in Malla Reddy's political career

From being elected as Member of Parliament of Malkajgiri to MLA from Medchal, Reddy the 70-year-old has seen it all in his long career. However, his public appearance and speech make others uncomfortable. The vulgar display of wealth by boasting about his group of colleges and schools, and multi-crore businesses have not gone down well with many.

It is to recall that his community shunted him out during Reddy's Garjana held in Ghatkesar. The Minister embarrassed himself and the party on the occasion. Many threw chairs at him during the meeting attended by over 20,000 members from the Reddy community.

The recent Income Tax raids against the Malla Reddy group also took an ugly turn. He and IT officials filed cases against each other.

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