Andhra Pradesh Budget 2023-24: Live updates

Andhra Pradesh budget outlay is at Rs 2, 79, 279 Cr for fiscal 2023-24

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  16 March 2023 5:49 AM GMT
Andhra Pradesh Budget 2023-24: Live updates

Finance minister Buggana Rajendranath presenting the Andhra Pradesh 2023-24 financial budget. 

Amaravati: Finance minister Buggana Rajendranath presented a budget of Rs 2, 79, 279 Cr for 2023-24.

Speaker Tammineni Sitaram suspended 14 opposition leaders from the House for disrupting the session.

Revenue expenditure has been pegged at Rs .2,28,540 crore. Capital expenditure has been pegged at Rs.31,061. There has been a revenue deficit of Rs.22,316 crore. The fiscal deficit is to the tune of Rs.54,587 crore. The revenue deficit in GSDP is 3.77 percent, and the fiscal deficit is 1.54 percent.

This is the final budget presented by the ruling YSRCP before elections in 2024, and the government is expected to allocate more funds for welfare schemes.

Budget 2023-23 highlights:

-YSR Pension Gift: Rs 21,434.72 Crores

- YSR Rythu Bharosa: Rs.4,020 Crore

-Jagananna vidya deevena : Rs.2,841.64 Crores

-Jagananna vasathi deevena: Rs.2,200 Crores

-YSR-PM Insurance Yojana: Rs.1600 Crore

- Rs.1,000 crore for interest-free loans to DWACRA societies

-Interest-free loans to farmers of Rs.500 crores

-YSR Kapu nestham: Rs.550 crores

-Jagananna Chedodu: Rs.350 Crores

-YSR Vahanamitra: Rs.275 Crores

- YSR Netanna's net worth: Rs.200 Crores

-YSR Fishery Insurance: Rs.125 Crores

-Rs.50 Crore Diesel Subsidy for Fishermen

-Rs.20 crore for compensation of farmer families

-Law nestham: Rs.17 crores

-Jagannana Thodu: Rs.35 Crores

-ABC nestham: Rs.610 crores

-YSR Kalyanamastu: Rs.200 Crores

-YSR Asara: Rs.6700 Crores

-YSR contribution: Rs.5000 crores

-Amma Vodi: Rs.6500 Crores

- Rs.54,228.36 Crores for DBT Schemes

-Price Stabilization Fund Rs.3,000 Crore

- Agricultural mechanization Rs.1,212 crore

-Medical, Health, and Family Welfare: Rs.15,882 Crores

-Mana Badi Nadu-Nedu: Rs.3,500 Crores

-Jagananna Vidya Kanuka: Rs.560 Crores

-Rural development of Panchayati Raj: Rs.15,873 crores

-Municipal and Urban Development: Rs.9,381 Crores

-Skill Development: Rs.1,166 Crores

-Department of Youth Development, Tourism, and Culture: Rs.1,291 Crores

-Schedule Castes component: Rs.20,005 crores

-Schedule Tribes component: Rs.6,929 crores

-Backward Classes component: Rs.38,605 crore

-Kapu Welfare: Rs.4,887 Crore

Welfare of minorities: Rs.4,203 crores

-Houses for all the poor: Rs.5,600 crores

-Industries and commerce: Rs.2,602 crores

- Roads and Buildings Department: Rs.9,118 crores

-Irrigation: Rs.11,908 crores

-Department of Environment, Forest, Science, and Technology: Rs.685 crores

-Energy: Rs.6,456 Crores

- Village and Ward Secretariat Department: Rs.3,858 crores

-Gadapa Gadapa programme: Rs.532 crores

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