Another spotted deer killed at UoH, fifth this month

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  20 March 2021 11:45 AM GMT
Another spotted deer killed at UoH, fifth this month

Hyderabad: Another spotted deer was killed by feral dogs at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) on 20 March, the fifth incident this month and the third in two weeks.

Professor R.S Sarraju who is in charge of security at the university was on his regular morning walk on Saturday when he saw the male spotted deer being chased by around eight-10 feral dogs from the Tomato Research Building to the woods near the administration building. He immediately alerted the forest guards and the UoH security team.

By the time the forest team rushed to the spot, the deer was already injured. Rohit Kumar Bondugula, a PhD scholar and wildlife activist, immediately called for a veterinary doctor but the deer could not be saved as it had deep wounds.

Despite repeated incidents, the UoH administration and the forest department have not come to a consensus on resolving the issue. Wildlife enthusiasts said the GHMC should take measures to capture and relocate these feral dogs that enter the campus.

"Many trees which include neem trees were cut down for the construction of a new building behind the Centre of Integrated Studies and the SIP buildings, Behind SN School and Near-Earth Sciences due to which most of the wildlife in the university lost their natural habitat. Deforestation impacts the area adversely in the long run due to the clearing of forest areas and canopies of trees that form shelter and habitat for the spotted deer and other wildlife. The animals are coming out onto the roads due to loss of habitat and are falling prey to the feral dogs," Rohit said.

He also added that due to the Hyderabad flood rains in mid-October, the boundary walls of the university campus collapsed at different places that attracted many feral dogs from the outside to enter the campus. These feral dogs spread across different parts of the forest and preyed on the animals. "There is an urgent need to relocate these feral dogs from the forest. The administration must swiftly take measures to protect the wildlife from the attacks of feral dogs and also from deforestation activities," said students

The University of Hyderabad (UoH) is spread around 2,300 acres and is home to several rare species of birds and wild animals like the spotted deer, wild boar, monitor lizard, peafowl, wild hares, mongoose, and the Asian palm civet. In December 2020 also, a few spotted deer had died from the attack by feral dogs.

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