AP: Medical student suspected to have monkeypox

The student is said to have visited Hyderabad recently

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  6 Aug 2022 2:01 PM GMT
AP: Medical student suspected to have monkeypox

Visakhapatnam: Andhra Pradesh reported its first suspected monkeypox case after a 23-year-old MBBS student of GITAM University, Vizag, developed rashes. The student is said to have visited Hyderabad recently.

Medical and health officials visited the university and collected samples. "We have collected the blood samples of the student and sent them to the National Institute of Virology, Pune, on 6 August. It is still a suspected monkeypox case," said District Medical Health Officer K. Vijayalakshmi

The student was immediately kept in isolation. A suspected monkeypox case was reported in Vijayawada where a four-year-old developed rashes on her body. However, her samples tested negative.

What is Monkeypox?

Monkeypox belongs to the poxvirus family of viruses and was first identified in monkeys in 1958. It is a viral zoonotic disease occurring primarily in forested parts of central and west Africa. While it originates in wild animals, it later spread to people. Currently, it is spread across 19 countries and is said to be spreading fast across Europe and the US through international travel.

What are the symptoms?

Monkeypox is affected with symptoms of flu, including fever and headache. A few days after fever, rashes spread to the body, especially on the palms and face. The incubation period for the disease ranges from two-four weeks. Transmission of monkeypox mainly happens by physical contact, touching or sharing the clothes, bed, or utensils used by the affected person.

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