'Be careful of couriers your children get': Hyderabad CP to parents in the wake of drug parcels

By Nimisha S Pradeep  Published on  1 Sep 2022 12:00 PM GMT
Be careful of couriers your children get: Hyderabad CP to parents in the wake of drug parcels

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Commissioner of Police, CV Anand urged parents to be extra careful about the couriers that their children get delivered at home. He further requested the parents to open and see the couriers if they feel any kind of suspicion.

On Thursday, Hyderabad CP was talking at a press meet on how drug peddlers were using dark web, crypto currency, and couriers for illegal trafficking of drugs. In the press meet, opening an envelope which contained drugs, he demonstrated how drugs are neatly packed inside envelopes and couriers, so as to ensure no doubts at each and every point of sale till delivery.

In a recent investigation by the Hyderabad police's Narcotics Enforcement Wing, 2 interstate peddlers, and 6 peddlers within the city were apprehended. Around 30 consumers who were buying drugs from these sources were also identified.

The CP's request comes in the wake of the H-NEW's investigation of the case that revealed that most of the peddlers are highly educated young students and more importantly, they are sending the drugs to the customer's homes through nicely packed couriers. "They (drug peddlers) use courier services and India post to deliver the drug at home by neatly packing the boxes, envelopes, stationery items, etc," said CP in the press meet.

In the drug peddling using dark web case busted by H-NEW, the drug peddlers used an app to enter into the dark web where placing of order for drugs took place. The payment for the same was made through crypto currency.

Hyderabad CP also added that these drug peddlers are observed to be from financially sound families. Most of the drug peddlers involved in the dark web drug trafficking case were also BBA, engineering students.

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