Biathye, Chaliye of CMs KCR and Nitish Kumar draw political, social reactions

KCR stated that his endeavour is to build an alternative and not a third front in his press conference with Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

By Kaniza Garari  Published on  1 Sep 2022 2:57 PM GMT
Biathye, Chaliye of CMs KCR and Nitish Kumar draw political, social reactions

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao asked Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to sit down at their joint press conference on August 31st and the latter insisted to go has caused reactions in political and social circles.

Social media is buzzing as a war of words has taken over the supporters of each party as the duration of the press conference, the open disagreement between two CM's, one standing and the other sitting have become an issue of discussion.

The Bharatiya Janta Party in a media statement has stated that the 'Aap biathiye na' and 'Aap chaliye na' is an open rejection to KCR entry in the national political scene. The BJP further adds, "KCR must understand that he can't expect generous welcome by senior competitors from North, East and West who have very high and unreal national political ambitions, just like him."

K Krishna Sagar Rao, chief spokesperson of BJP in Telangana State says, "BJP suggest to focus on his role as an elected chief minister for Telangana state. Instead of facing unwarranted insults and embarrassment in other states for his misplaced political misadventures."

Telangana Rashtra Samithi in their statement has pointed out how the Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar welcomed and appreciated the financial assistance of Rs 10 lakhs provided by Telangana government for martyred soldiers in Galwan valley and Rs 5 lakh to the families of workers who died in the Hyderabad fire mishap. The help rendered during Covid 19 for the migrant workers and the rapid development of Telangana has also been recognized.

The questions of whether the opposition will be united in their fight against their goal of BJP mukt Bharat and whether the Indian National Congress would be a part of the opposition led to the two chief ministers reacting differently.

KCR stated that his endeavour is to build an alternative and not a third front. He said, "The joint opposition will fight the divisive politics of the BJP which is playing with the lives of people for political gains."

The rising prices, increased indebtedness, falling value of the rupee, drain of capital as well as human resources are a growing concern in the country. The privatization policy which he alleged is equal to 'Becho India' where even the profiting public sector companies are being sold.

Ever since the Modi government has come to power, the state governments are not respected and principles of federalism have not been followed. The BJP has time and again alleged that KCR and family are 'corrupt' to this he said, "The BJP is the richest political party in the world. They have the richest businessmen as their associates who yield power even in the neighboring country like Sri Lanka."

While TS CM KCR wanted to answer the questions, CM Nitish Kumar did not want to indulge in further deliberations. Nitish Kumar said, "We have decided to work towards uniting the opposition and that is the answer."

CM KCR was keen to take the questions and answered the last one before leaving along with CM Nitish Kumar from the press conference.

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