Hyderabad: Clothing and home decor company Fab India named its Diwali collection as Jashn-e-Riwaz and this ad campaign has not been received well by social media users.

Fab in India launched its new collection through a tweet that read, "As we welcome the festival of love and light, 'Celebration-e-Riaz' by Fab India is a collection that beautifully pays tribute to Indian culture; A collection that embraces colour, atmosphere and personality of the country."

Following this, Twitteratis started using #BoycottFabIndia. Many people felt that it wasn't an appropriate name for a Hindu festival collection.

Some of the Twitter users wrote "Canceling All Purchasing from @FabindiaNews this year. Who names Diwali collection as Jashn-e-Riwaaz ?? NOT interested in buying. #Fabindia you can enjoy your "Jashn" with the people you are catering too. NOT US FOR SURE #BoycottFabIndia. (sic)"

Another tweet read, "BOYCOTT Brands that are sermonizing & preaching "secularism" on HINDU Festivals. Let FabIndia celebrate Jashn-e-Riwaaz with its target audience #BoycottFabIndia #Fabindia #JashneRiwaaz. (sic)"

Even BJP Yuva Morcha President National Tejasvi Surya slammed Fab India and tweeted, "Deepavali is not Jash-e-Riwaaz. This deliberate attempt of abrahamisation of Hindu festivals, depicting models without traditional Hindu attires, must be called out. And brands like @FabindiaNews must face economic costs for such deliberate misadventures. (sic)"

Fab India retracted its tweet later.

In a similar incident in October 2020, popular jewellery band Tanishq had also retracted its advertisement following a social media uproar #BoycottTanishq. The irked people criticised the brand to be promoting love jihad. In its ad, a pregnant Hindu woman was escorted by her mother-in-law to her baby shower ceremony. The woman then aske her mother-in-law that "such customs are not there in your house" to which the latter replies "but its a custom in every home to keep daughters happy."

Celebrities like Kangana Ranaut also slammed Tanishq brand and wrote, "As Hindus we need to be absolutely conscious of what these creative terrorists are injecting into our subconscious minds."

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