Hyderabad: Continent Hospital, Gachibowli. slashed the medical bill by Rs 11.36 lakh and released COVID victim's body after the intervention of IT Minister KT Rama Rao

Tikkisetti Sriram, 52-year-old from Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh was admitted to Continental Hospital on June 8 for COVID treatment. Earlier he was admitted to a hospital in Vijaywada and developed serious complications. The family was advised to shift Sriram to Hyderabad.

After 20 days, Sriram's family was charged a whopping Rs 30 lakhs. After calculating the new rates as per the new GO, the total bill rounded to 21.86 lakh. During the initial days of treatment, Sriram's family paid Rs 9 lakhs

Unfortunately, Sriram lost his battle to Covid on June 28. Since the body was held back over non-payment of medical bills."My family tried different means to request the hospital to release the body. However, the hospital management refused. Through social media (Twitter) we reached out to COVID volunteer Sai Charan Chikkula who later connected us to advocate Karam Komi Reddy. 48 hours later, we received help from Minister KT Rama Rao's office," Navya, a relative of the deceased, told NewsMeter.

She said a total of Rs 10.5 lakh has been paid towards the bill. "The hospital slashed Rs 11.36 lakh, after the intervention of the minister and Covid volunteers. We thank the government of Telangana and good Samaritans," she said.

It is to note, the hospital charged Rs 10 lakh towards pharmacy bill, Rs 3 lakh for laboratory tests and Rs 1.80 lakh for room charges.

Hospital management said the bill shot up owing to the expensive medicines. The management informed that the man suffered from black fungus and the medication added up to the bill.

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