Covid resurgence: India’s active caseload reaches 10,300; UP, Haryana top list

The new variant is one of the reasons for the increasing cases

By KANIZA GARARI  Published on  27 March 2023 6:14 AM GMT
Covid 19

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Telangana: India's Covid-19 active caseload has reached 10,300 after 134 days. Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Delhi are the worst-hit states.

The rising numbers are a concern as the new variant of Covid-19 XBB.1.16 is being found in the tested samples.

The new variant is one of the reasons for the increasing cases.

Testing is still low

The samples sent for testing continue to be low. The collected samples are limited and there is a need for more testing to be carried out by states

Hospital admissions are low

The cases of XBB.1.16 are not severe due to which there are fewer hospital admissions. Those admitted to the hospital are due to an immune-compromised state.

Rising cases are mild

The number of cases is on the rise with cold, cough, and fever. While the fever subsides, cold and cough along with fatigue are taking a toll on people.

“There is a lot of weakness suffered by those infected with the new variant. Due to this, we are advising rest and not going out,” said Dr. K Srinivas, an internal medicine specialist,

People infected with Covid 19 earlier also now complain that cough is a persistent problem and in some, it lasts for more than a month.

Bad breath is being reported in a few cases.

Travel cases are high

Those traveling within the country and also internationally are reporting sickness after their travel. The XBB.1.16 is found in 50 percent of the samples in Singapore. The samples in Europe and the United States of America are also showing the presence of the variant.

Sewage samples show an increase in viral load

The viral load in sewage samples in Karnataka has shown a rise according to Tata Institute for Genetics and Society, India. Wastewater surveillance helps to keep track of emerging patterns of the virus and is a complementary tool to clinical testing.

Precautions advised

Follow the Covid 19 appropriate behavior protocols of masks, hand washing, and cough etiquette in public places. Avoid very crowded places as it leads to faster spread of the virus. Senior citizens are advised to take precautions as they fall in a vulnerable group.

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