Crorepati Netas: Meet Andhra’s richest candidates who are contesting LS, assembly polls

Vemireddy Prashanthi Reddy, the TDP MLA candidate for Kovuru constituency owns family assets worth Rs 723 Cr.

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  20 April 2024 4:17 AM GMT
Crorepati Netas: Meet Andhra’s richest candidates who are contesting LS, assembly polls

Amaravati: YSRCP MP from Kadapa Y S Avinash Reddy, Vijayawada TDP MP candidate Kesineni Sivanath Punganur YSRCP MLA candidate Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, Kovvuru TDP candidate Vemireddy Prashanti Reddy are some of the richest leaders who filed their nominations for Lok Sabha assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh.

Butta Renuka:

YSRCP Yemmiganur MLA candidate, Butta Renuka is one of the richest leaders from the party. She declared family assets worth Rs 162.49 Cr. It is pertinent to note that Renuka was called 'poor' by CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy during his campaigning meeting.

Total income-

Renuka- Rs 1,72,28,196

Butta Siva Neelakanta (Spouse) - Rs 55,48, 345.

Movable Assets-

Renuka - Rs 68,80,29,098 (jewelry, shares, bank account, motor vehicles

Spouse- Rs 72,66,48,999 Cr

Immovable Assets-

Renuka- Rs 18,75,00,000 (lands, commercial buildings, agricultural lands, apartments)

Business- Butta Hospitality, Butta Convention Services, Butta Infrastructure Private Limited, and automobile dealerships.

Total Liabilities- Rs 3,91,30,700 (vehicle loan, mortgage loan).

Education- SSC, Govt High School, Hyderabad.

Criminal cases: Four pending cases including violation of income tax regulations.

Sujana Chowdary:

Vijayawada West BJP candidate Sujana Chowdary who is contesting from the BJP owns family assets worth 22.8 Cr.

Chowdary, a two-time Rajya Sabha member from TDP, served as the Union minister of state for science and technology in the first NDA government of Modi.

Total income-

Sujana- Rs 20,73,290 (2022-23 FY)

Spouse- Rs 10,19,721 (2022-23 FY)

Movable Assets-

Sujana - Rs 1,18,49,340 (gold and silver)

Spouse- Rs 14,09,27,677.

Immovable Assets-

Sujana- Rs 34,25,500.

Spouse- Rs 6,89,16,428.

Total Liabilities- Rs 2,40,022

Assets: lands, residential buildings, agricultural lands.

Education- Master of Engineering (Specialization in Machine Tool Engineering) PSG College of Technology, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Year of Completion 1986.

Criminal cases: Four pending cases including violation of Model Code of Conduct in Vijayawada, Nellore, and Offence under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

Nandamuri BalaKrishna

Actor-turned-politician Hindupur TDP candidate Balakrishna owns family assets worth 188.99 Cr. Balakrishna is a two-time MLA and contesting for the third time.

Total income-

Balakrishna- Rs 10,02,14,200 (2022-23 FY)

Spouse- Rs 38,46,540 (2022-23 FY)

Movable Assets-

Balakrishna- Rs 81,63,31,40 (gold and silver)

Spouse- Rs 140,38,81,94

Immovable Assets-

Balakrishna- Rs 105.37 crore

Spouse- Rs 51.20 crore (lands, residential building agricultural lands,)

Total Liabilities- Rs 90,922,566.07

Education- Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Nizam College, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Year of completion 1981.

YS Avinash Reddy

YSRCP Kadapa MP candidate Avinash Reddy, who is accused in the Y S Vivekananda Reddy murder case, owns family assets worth 41.25 Cr. His family's assets grew from 18.6 crore in 2019 to 40 crore in 2024.

Total income-

Avinash-Rs 66,74,610

Spouse-Rs 49,00,910

Movable Assets-

Avinash- Rs 1,92,69,577 ( shares, insurance, construction, and jewelry).

Spouse- Rs 5,31,77,599.

Immovable Assets-

Avinash- Rs 25,51,19,355 (agricultural & mon-agricultural lands, residential buildings)

Spouse- Rs 7,34,01,908.

Total Liabilities-

Avinash- Rs 10,61,78,913 (housing loan, constructions, and estates)

Spouse- Rs 94,65,000.

Assets- Flats in Bangalore, Madhapur, Residential building in Puvlivendula.

Avinash Reddy himself has 355 grams of gold worth Rs 23 lakh, and his spouse possesses 1.3 kilograms of gold worth Rs 85 lakh.

Education- MBA, University of Worcester, UK.

Criminal cases: 2 pending.

Kesineni Sivanath (Chinni)

Vijayawada TDP MP candidate Kesinani Chinni who is contesting this election against his brother Kesineni Nani owns assets worth 35.73 Cr.

Total income-

Chinni -Rs 32,34,286 (2022-23 FY)

Spouse- Rs 59,34,421 (2022-23 FY)

Movable Assets-

Chinni-Rs 1,10,46,083.57 (gold, silver, and insurance)

Spouse- Rs 16,56,08,955.88

Immovable Assets-

Chinni-Rs 3,40,59,00

Spouse- Rs 168,15,5026 (lands, residential building agricultural lands,)

Liabilities that are under dispute

Rs 1,72,54,866- Income Tax Appeal pending before commissioner of income tax

Total Liabilities

Spouse - Rs.26,17,40,856.11

Education- Bachelor of Engineering in Branch – II Mechanical Engineering in the year 1991 from Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College Engineering, Kanchipuram, Madras University.

Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy

Punganur YSRCP MLA candidate Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy is one of the 236.66 Cr.


Peddireddy -Rs 57,78,587 (2022-23 FY)

Spouse- Rs 68,46,814 (2022-23 FY)

Movable Assets-

Peddireddy- Rs 10,59,43,266 (gold, silver, and shares)

Spouse- Rs 14,55,71,623

Immovable Assets-

Peddireddy- Rs 114,25,00,000

Spouse- Rs 96,00,00,000 (lands, residential building agricultural lands,)

Total liabilities

Peddireddy- Rs 18,50,96,345

Spouse -Rs 34,74,66,514

Education- MA.Phd, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. Year of completion 1974-75.

Vemireddy Prashanti Reddy

Vemireddy Prashanthi Reddy, the NDA MLA candidate for Kovuru constituency, and her husband Former Rajya Sabha MP Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy contesting for the Nellore parliamentary seat own assets worth Rs 723 Cr.

Total income-

Prasanthi-Rs 2,28,07,760.

Spouse-Rs 4,41,04,620.

Movable Assets-

Prasanthi- Rs 46,94,59,995.

Spouse- Rs 464,43,20,644.

Immovable Assets-

Prasanthi- Rs 30,11,93,087.

Spouse- Rs 174,83,48,539.

Total Liabilities-

Prasanthi- Rs 43,48,11,682.

Spouse- Rs 153,81,50,921.

Assets- Shares in M/s VPR Mining Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, Rithwik Green Power and Aviation, VPR Balabhadra Coal Mine. The candidate has agricultural lands in Bangalore, Nellore, and Maharashtra and residential buildings in Kondapur, Nellore, Gandipeta, Chennai, and Karnataka.

Education- Intermediate from SPW Junior College, Tirupati,

Criminal cases: No pending cases.


Andhra Pradesh BJP chief D Purandeswari who filed a nomination from Rajahmundry Lok Sabha constituency has family assets worth 61.29 Cr.

Total income-

Purandeswari- Rs 85,33,210.

Spouse- Rs 60,97,520.

Movable Assets-

Purandeswari-Rs 3,06,37,419.

Spouse-Rs 8,67,20,489.

Immovable Assets-

Purandeswari- Rs 21,55,00,000.

Spouse- Rs 26,54,15,504.

Total Liabilities-

Purandeswari- Rs 1,09,85,000.

Spouse- Rs 5,63,75,440.

Assets- She has gold and diamonds worth Rs 53,45,300.

Education- BA (Liitt), SIET Women, Chennai.

Criminal cases- One pending case.

Raghurama Krishnam Raju

TDP Undi Assembly candidates owns family assets worth--- 221.9 Cr. There are 19 criminal cases on Raghurama.The family owns four cars including Benz and Rolls Royce Phantom.


Raju- Rs 14,043,050.

Spouse- Rs 15,210,523.

Movable Assets-

Raja- Rs 13,89,50,134.

Spouse- Rs 17,79,30,245.

Immovable Assets-

Raju- Rs 11,86,86,250.

Spouse- Rs 175,45,16,634.

Total Liabilities-

Raja- Rs 8,15,28,587.

Spouse- Rs 4,45,15,536.

Assets- Shares in Bharat Power Limited, Agricultural lands in Kanchipuram of Tamil Nadu, Nalgonda, Krishna District, and Mon-agricultural lands in Rushikonda, Golkonda, Bheemivaram, Serlingampally, Tamil Nadu, Delhi.

His spouse has jewellery worth Rs 83,31,797.

The family owns four cars including Benz and Rolls Royce Phantom.

Education- M.Pharma from Andhra University.

Criminal cases- 19 pending cases, including 1. Criminal conspiracy

2. Non-payment of agreement amount from Bharat power genco limited in which the candidates is the Director.

3. CBI case against Bharat Power Genco.

Lokam Madhavi

Janasena Nellimarla MLA candidate Lokam Madhavi owns assets worth 898.78 Cr


Madhavi- Rs 5,35,120.

Movable Assets-

Madhavi- Rs 50,91,09,591.

Spouse- Rs 805,66,41,641.

Immovable Assets-

Madhavi- Rs 31,41,98,110.

Spouse- Rs 10,73,79,920.

Total Liabilities-

Madhavi- Rs 2,69,87,676.

Spouse- Rs 2,69,87,676.

Business- Miracle Educations, Miracle Software Systems, IT Lokam services, Miracle Metals, Miracle Staple & Grains.

Residential buildings in Visakhapatnam and USA.

She has gold worth Rs 1,24,99,800 (1992 grams), silver worth Rs 88,500 (1150 grams) and diamonds worth Rs 34,40,135.

Lokam Madhavi owns agricultural 39.645 acres land worth Rs 18,22,87,710.00

Education- Master of Science in Computer Science, Kent State University, USA.

Criminal cases- No pending cases.

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