Cyberabad cops hold 'Stolen property release mela', hand over stolen goods worth Rs. 1.50 Cr

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 July 2021 11:30 AM GMT
Cyberabad cops hold Stolen property release mela, hand over stolen goods worth Rs. 1.50 Cr

Hyderabad: A 'Stolen property release mela' was held at the Cyberabad police grounds where properties recovered from offenders were handed over to the victims. Stolen items, including gold and silver ornaments, vehicles, and cash, all worth Rs. 1.50 crores, reached the hands of their respective owners again.

Cyberabad commissioner of police V.C Sajjanar said handing over stolen property back to the victims forms a critical part of the criminal justice system in the country and it must happen seamlessly to the satisfaction of the common citizens who are victims of property crimes. The Cyberabad police have detected many property offence cases this year. The officers successfully arrested the accused and recovered the stolen items in several of the cases.

The stolen items recovered by the police include 93.1 tola gold and 360.2 tola silver recovered in 20 cases; Rs. 30,67,463 cash recovered in 30 cases; 90 vehicles recovered in 90 cases; 35 mobiles phones recovered in 25 cases; 11 other items recovered in 11 cases. In total, 176 cases were solved and property worth Rs. 1.50 crores recovered.

The victims expressed happiness over getting their stolen items back and said they were satisfied with the proactive approach of the police in intimating them and helping them reclaim their properties.

The Cyberabad police, meanwhile, said they have been developing a mechanism for intimation of detection of property offence cases, handing of properties to the victims, and helping them in the courts to get their property released without any inconvenience.

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