Delhi horror repeats in Hyderabad: Man kills nurse, stores chopped body in refrigerator

The accused purchased two small stone-cutting machines, chopped body parts. To avoid the foul smell from the mortal remains, the accused sprayed dettol, perfume, camphor and spray bottles

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  24 May 2023 3:00 PM GMT
Hyderabad man killed woman, stored body parts in refrigirator, trolley for disposal.

Hyderabad: Days after the decapitated head of an unidentified woman was found inside a black cover at a garbage dumping site near the Musi River, Hyderabad Police arrested a person who killed the woman, chopped her body parts, and stored them in a refrigerator.

This case reminds the murder of 26-year-old Shraddha by her live-in partner Aftab Amin Poonawalla, who chopped up her body and stored it in the refrigerator to store. The accused then threw away in parts of a Delhi forest over 16 days.

The deceased has been identified as Yerram Anuradha Reddy, a 55-year-old nurse residing in Chaithanyapuri colony, Dilshuknagar.

The accused has been identified as B. Chandra Mohan, a 48-year-old individual who works in the stock market through online platforms. He resides in Chaithanyapuri.

Speaking to the media, Deputy Commissioner of Police for the South East Zone, Ch Rupesh, said that the incident came to light after a complaint filed by Warthya Shekar Naik, a GHMC worker, who reported the discovery of the decapitated head inside a black cover at a garbage dumping site near Afzal Nagar Community Hall, adjacent to the Musi River and beside Theegalguda road on May 17.

The police formed eight teams, consisting of inspectors and sub-inspectors, to investigate the case. These teams meticulously reviewed extensive CCTV footage captured between May 10-May 17, both during the day and night, in hopes of identifying potential suspects or witnesses.

During the course of the investigation, a significant breakthrough occurred when the police observed the accused, Chandra Mohan, dumping the head of the deceased. Subsequently, he made a stop at a shop to purchase cigarettes and utilized a phone payment method. This transaction played a pivotal role in guiding the police to the crime scene.

According to the police, the victim had an illicit relationship with the accused, Chandra Mohan. The accused resorted to extreme measures to silence the deceased following a financial dispute that took a sinister turn.

"The relationship between Chandra Mohan and the victim had remained shrouded in secrecy for over a decade. However, recent investigations have uncovered a sordid tale of deceit, betrayal, and ultimately, murder. Abandoned by her husband years ago, the deceased found solace in the accused's house, where she resided in a separate portion on the ground floor." said the Rupesh.

During the investigation, it was found that the deceased had been involved in arranging finance for individuals in need, operating on an interest basis. In 2018, Chandra Mohan reportedly borrowed Rs 7 lakhs from the deceased. Despite multiple pleas, he failed to repay the amount.

He hatched a plan to get rid the victim. On May 12, the two had a heated argument when he stabbed her to death with a knife. "In an attempt to cover up the crime, the accused planned to dispose of the body. He purchased two small stone-cutting machines, which he used to decapitate the head. The severed head was concealed in a black polythene cover, while the legs and hands were stored in a refrigerator. The other part of the body was hidden in a trolley for further disposal." said Rupesh.

On May 15, Chandra Mohan transported the decapitated head of the deceased to a remote dumping site, abandoning it there before making his escape. To avoid the foul smell from the mortal remains, the accused sprayed dettol, perfume, camphor and spray bottles.

Further, the accused, Chandra Mohan, also used the deceased's cell phone to send messages to her acquaintances, attempting to create the illusion that she was alive and residing elsewhere.

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