`Digital Technology Sabha Excellence awards': Andhra police win 15 honors; rank first in India

The state has ranked first in the country by winning 165 awards so far at the national level.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 Feb 2022 2:48 AM GMT
`Digital Technology Sabha Excellence awards: Andhra police win 15 honors; rank first in India

Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh Police have bagged 15 Digital Technology Sabha Excellence awards-2022. The state has ranked first in the country by winning 165 awards so far at the national level. Police Headquarters have bagged eight awards. Tirupati Urban has won two awards. Anantapur and Chittoor, Kadapa, Prakasam Vijayawada City have won award each. AP DGP Kasi Reddy VRN Reddy congratulated the winners.

These awards were given in different categories. They include using body-worn cameras, APOLIS, GPS, Radio Over Internet Protocol, Disha Centralised Command Control Room, Hawk Vehicles, Digital Health Profile, and Video Conferencing Systems.

Body Worn Cameras Live Streaming:

From time to time, live streaming of events taking place at the field level to the control room has increased the accountability of the staff towards the public. This has been instrumental in giving superiors direct instructions from the control room.


APOLIS was introduced to transform Police Department into a paperless office by digitizing every section.

GIS-based GPS System:

Implementing a GIS-based GPS system for 5,000 police vehicles used in emergencies will play a key role in shortening the time.

Disha Centralized Command Control Room:

SOS call through this app was able to monitor the immediate services of over 1 crore users 24 hours a day, for the safety of women in the state.

ROIP (Radio Over Internet Protocol):

The VHF communication equipment currently used by the police department can be used to instantly alert interstate check posts and interstate check posts across the state via the Internet.

Hawk Vehicle:

These vehicles play a key role in setting up a field-level mobile command and control center in case of emergencies, strengthening the communication system at the time as well as conveying field-level events live to the control room via video streaming.

Video Conference System:

By connecting all the police stations and village secretariats in the state through video conferencing, the system is being utilized as an easy way for people up to the village level to report their problems directly to the police.

Digital Health Profile:

Special attention is paid to the health and safety of staff in the police department. As part of this, everyone from the home guard to the DGP level officer was digitized along with their health status as well as their health profile file. Knowing their health condition from time to time plays a key role in alerting them and taking special care through this approach.

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