Donate old textbooks & unused notebooks, become a climate superhero

Unused pages from the note books are rebound

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  19 March 2023 4:30 AM GMT
Donate old textbooks & unused notebooks, become a climate superhero

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Visakhapatnam: Most students do not know what to do with their textbooks after getting promoted to the next grade, and how many of us use the notebook without leaving a single page?

It is important to donate your textbooks and notebooks with empty pages to students in need. With this goal in mind, CII Young Indians (YI), Visakhapatnam Chapter is organising a recycling drive for partially used notebooks and textbooks. They can also donate the story books which they have already read, and are not using anymore. This first-of-its-kind program in Visakhapatnam aims to educate children about recycling and spread climate literacy.

“We are asking children to drop off partially used notebooks and textbooks for recycling. The teams have set up five donation points at various locations in the city,” said Deepa Kodali, Chair for Branding and External Communication, Young Indians Visakhapatnam. In response to their book donations, the students will receive a climate action super-hero certificate and badge from Young Indians for participating.

Reuse- Recycle

The books donated will be processed through RR - Reuse & Recycle. “We take the unused pages out and rebound them with the help of minority self-help groups, and distribute those books in Sri Shanthi ashram to underprivileged students. For textbooks, we sort them by syllabus and recycle them. Those textbooks will be available for underprivileged students for free of cost,” said Deepa.

Young Indians regularly conduct awareness sessions on climate change at private and government schools. Children are taught the impact of global warming and learn how to adapt to climate change.

Drop Off Points

1. Jagapathi Plaza, Siripuram. Contact: 7981687860

2. Grow Native, Varma Complex Junction, Murali Nagar. Contact: 7337227048

3. Kumon Centre and Nua Boutique, 1st Floor, Lawsons Bay Colony. Contact: 9502677765

4. Koku Studio, 1st Floor, Opposite Ambica Sea Green Hotel, Kirlampudi. Contact: 9347676911

5. Sree Vidya Book Point, near Vegetable Market, Dwaraka Nagar. Contact: 9573888733

Who are climate action superheroes?

The United Nations has introduced eight animated climate action superheroes to encourage children to protect the planet. The campaign is aimed at children under 12 years of age, and the purpose is to inspire them to develop daily habits that are environmentally friendly. The Climate Action Superheroes campaign introduces children, their parents, and teachers to eight funky characters on a mission to limit global warming and protect the environment.

The eight superheroes are Energy Expert, Recycle Ranger, Green Guide, Truth Talker, Veggie Vindicator, Fashion Fixer and Water Wizard, and Fume Fighter. The climate action superhero certificate and badge will empower children to be leaders for change and believe their impact on the planet is crucial.

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