Eatala Rajender resigns as TRS MLA; ends 2 decade old association with KCR

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  4 Jun 2021 5:30 AM GMT
Eatala Rajender resigns as TRS MLA; ends 2 decade old association with KCR

Hyderabad: A month after he was sacked, former Health Minister Eatala Rajender resigned from the primary membership of the TRS. He also put in his papers as an MLA. A four-time lawmaker, he represented Huzurabad constituency in the assembly

"Today I end my 19 years association with TRS and resign from the basic membership of the party. I am also resigning as an MLA" he told media persons at his Shameerpet residence on Friday.

The resignation came a month after he was sacked as minister for health. "Even a hardcore criminal on death row is asked for his last wish. But without giving me chance to explain or listening to me I was thrown out," said Eatala Rajender.

He said the people of Huzurabad are closely watching the developments and the way the party treated him. "The party backstabbed and hatched conspiracies against me. Every house in Huzurabad is wearing a deserted look. I have the affection and support of my people and they are standing by me," he said

The former minister said after being removed from the cabinet, several leaders questioned his loyalty and integrity. "They say Rajender got all positions and even ministerial berth on a platter. I accepted every responsibility of the party and government. I always gave my best. Even as a minister, I delivered and served the people. I never ran for posts and positions in the party or government," he said.

Everyone has seen what happened in the recently held by-elections.

Eatala a four time MLA said, people are now saying that Rajender has won only because KCR gave him B form to contest the election. "Karimnagar MP candidate was given B form by KCR and even his daughter was given a B form by him. But both of them lost. I endured insults, humiliations, and won with record votes. So many people resigned and contested in the by-election and lost," he said.

He said during the Karimnagar Lok Sabha election, KCR said AP leaders will use the money for elections. "But KCR won the election with the highest majority. The same KCR is now relying on money and muscle power and conspiracies against the true leaders. This did not work then, it won't work now," Rajender said.

"The decay started five years ago only. Everyone including Harish Rao who has been tasked to attack me, is facing the same situation. When we went to meet him (KCR) along with nine MLAs, we were stopped. We begged the police to allow us in. This happened on two more occasions even after taking a prior appointment," he said

Rajender said KCR gave him a ministerial post knowing that he is a man of self-respect. "What is this position without self-respect? We are being treated like slaves. As a minister, I brought few things into his notice, sometimes through his close associates and sometimes through CMO officials. One of them was the commitment for the first Dalit CM. It did not happen. CMO which guides the state does not have any officers from marginalized communities. This shows the state of affairs and the love of this government for these communities," he said

He said during the statehood movement KCR maintained Telangana will be a state of weaker sections. But he backtracked from the commitment after coming to power. The statehood movement, employee associations played a key role. "But, they have been marginalized now. Singareni or RTC or any other association no more exist. If any organization wants to sustain, it has to go by the diktats of MLC Kavitha," he said.

He refuted the charges of creating hurdles in the welfare programs. "I admit opposing Rythu Bandhu assistance to those paying IT. We have seen many such people coming in swanky cars and SUVs to collect the assistance. The benefit should reach deserving and poor farmers, not millionaires," he said.

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