‘Fight to death for Telangana’: KCR slams Congress for blaming BRS at Chalo Nalgonda

This is KCRs first meeting after his party lost in the recent elections.

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  13 Feb 2024 12:56 PM GMT
‘Fight to death for Telangana’: KCR slams Congress for blaming BRS at Chalo Nalgonda

Nalgonda: In his first public meeting after his party lost in the recent Telangana Assembly elections, BRS supremo K Chandrashekar Rao addressed lakhs of people during the party’s ‘Chalo Nalgonda’ event.

The event was part of BRS fight against the handing over of the Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar projects on the Krishna River to the Central government’s Krishna River Management Board (KRMB).

Addressing an eagerly assembled crowd in Nalgonda on Tuesday, KCR said that while the meeting is a political fight for a few, for BRS it is a fight for Krishna waters. He said that the fight will not stop with Chalo Nalgonda and BRS will continue to question the government.

“Minister Uttam Kumar Reddy, while speaking during one of the Assembly sessions, said the state was good during bifurcation. Then why did leaders like Srikanth Chari die? Why did so many sacrifice their lives?” questioned KCR.

‘Congress only blaming KCR, BRS’

KCR stated that he would fight to the death for the welfare of Telangana State. “We need to be prepared for fighting. We need to protect our rights. I came this far to convey my words to you,” said KCR.

“Once a new government is formed, they should make something good. But ever since they came into power, they have been abusing KCR and the BRS party. Why don’t they do something good instead of blaming us,” questioned KCR.

Slamming the government, KCR stated that the BRS government brought power supply to the state. “We were the ones who have a 24/7 power supply. But once the KCR government is gone, there is no proper power supply stopped. It is a useless government ruling the state,” he added. “This Congress government even brought a generator to the Telangana Assembly. They lost power cut seven times during the Assembly,” said KCR.

‘Congress blaming BRS for Medigadda’

KCR asked the Congress Government to do something good before criticising BRS. “The Kaleshwaram project is not a toy game. It is a decade-long dedicated project. Instead of focusing on the development, the Congress government is blaming us and visiting the Medigadda project unnecessarily,” said KCR.

In his closing remarks, KCR called the state ‘Tiger Telangana’ which has lakhs of hands to fight for its development.

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