From Nellore's karam dosa to Ananthapur's uggani bajji: Here's a list of some lip-smacking foods of AP

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  6 March 2022 5:48 AM GMT
From Nellores karam dosa to Ananthapurs uggani bajji: Heres a list of some lip-smacking foods of AP

Andhra Pradesh: Who doesn't love eating street food on a breezy evening chilling out with friends. Every city in Andhra Pradesh has one favourite food that never goes out of fashion. This weekend, NewsMeter takes you on a trip around the state to know the lip-smacking foods of AP.

1. LIC punugulu

Think of punugulu and all roads in Visakhapatnam will lead to Sri Jai Durga Bhavani on LIC Road which has been there since the 1990s. The stall serves hot punugulus wrapped in banana leaves with coconut chutney, diced onion, garlic chutney and podi. You can have the delicious punugulus for Rs. 25.

2. Tetagunta pesarattu-upma

Travelling from Vizag to Vijayawada, one shouldn't miss the famous Pesarattu-upma served by B. Nani since 2000. Located five km from Annavaram and 13 km from Tuni, it is located in a small hut but is always flooded with people waiting for their plate of Pesarattu-upma filled with onion, jeera, and mirchi. Nani's grandfather had a tiffin centre in Tetagunta village 20 years ago. After his demise, Nani started a hotel beside the highway. Many people travelling that way visit this place to have a hearty breakfast.

3. Bejawada's SSS Idly

Popularly called 'paaka idly', SSS Idly is one of the best places for delicious idlies in the city. It has been here for many years and is located in a hut with old style stone benches. They serve only idly with chutney and extra ghee packets. It serves one of the best foods in Bejawada. The place is busy till noon and again in the evenings.

4. Nellore karam dosa

Nellore, famous for its rich spices and aroma, is best known for its karam dosa at Kanaka Mahal Centre. Here, the karam dosa is an evening snack which is served from 4 p.m and till midnight. The food is made on charcoal which, the vendors say, help roast the dosa uniformly and gives perfect taste.

5. Aatreyapuram pootharekhulu

Godavari always reminds us of the green farms, rivers and iconic places like Dhawaleswaram Bridge and Rajahmundry Rail Bridge. Well, the sweets of Godavari are also to die for. For the people of East Godavari, Pootharekulu is not just a sweet but an emotion. Aathreyapuram, a small town in East Godavari, is best at making the flaky and wafer-thin layers of pootharekhulu, added with loads of jaggery, sugar, and ghee.

6. Ananthapuram's uggani bajji

Uggani, also known as Borugula Upma, is the dish of Ananthapuram. The puffed rice is prepared with chopped vegetables and a little masala, just like how upma is made. As it is served with mirchi bajji, the combo is known as uggani bajji. In Ananthapuram, Uggani is preferred for breakfast and evening snacks with hot chai.

7. Kadapa's kheema chapathi

Kadapa, known for its healthy and spicy foods, is famous for Mehboob Ullah's Chapathi Mutton Kheema Point which has been serving tasty food for 50 years. Located near NTR circle, they prepare dozens of chapatis and juicy mutton kheema. Freshly-made chapatis are served with hot minced meat gravy.

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