Gujarat's jumla model failed, BRS will bring KCR model of governance: KTR

States like Odisha and West Bengal have replicated Rythu Bandhu. According to the National Crime Record Bureau, Telangana reported the lowest number of farmer suicides in the country and the work speaks for TRS

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  7 Oct 2022 12:07 PM GMT
Gujarats jumla model failed, BRS will bring KCR model of governance: KTR

Hyderabad: "We (referring to BRS) will strip the BJP and expose their follies. Boss K Chandrashekar Rao will showcase the vibrant Telangana model to the country, unlike Gujarat's jumla model. Give us time and opportunity to prove ourselves. We are willing to fight the battle. We have already fought and achieved Telangana. This fight (BRS) is to get the country on the right course," said TRS working president and IT minister K.T. Rama Rao during a conversation with journalists at Pragathi Bhavan.

Two days after TRS supremo and Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao launched Bharat Rastriya Samithi (BRS), TRS party's working president KTR, in his first interaction with the media, said BRS will expose the "jumlas" of the BJP.

During his conversation with journalists, KTR said, "Chief Minister KCR's model of governance, that is 24x7 electricity, Rythu Bandhu, Dalith Bandhu, water connection in every household, and pro-farmer schemes, will be showcased to the rest of India. This party (referring to the BJP) is misusing enforcement agencies (ED, CBI, IT) to threaten the Opposition. However, we are ready to face the battle."

"We want to promote the vibrant Telangana model to the rest of India. In this country, everybody has an equal right to champion the kind of work they have done and what they have delivered. We are going to showcase the achievements of Telangana to the country."

He questioned, "How many raids against BJP leaders have you seen in the past? Have you heard of Nirma washing powder advertisement? What happened to the cases filed against TDP-turned-BJP RS MP Sujuna Chowdhury, C.M Ramesh? Our goal is 2024."

When asked if other senior political friends from neighboring states have extended their support to KCR's move, KTR added, "Telangana's neighbours, leaders from Maharashtra and Karnataka, positively felt that BRS is the need of the hour. We are receiving requests to merge districts of neighboring states with Telangana." The name of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy who has been a friend to KCR since he won the elections was conspicuously missing.

KTR took a few questions from a club of journalists.

What is the strategy of BRS ?

KTR: When CM KCR took up the cause for separate statehood, many naysayers criticized his move, and people ridiculed him. When statehood was achieved, there were numerous doubts about whether KCR would be able to govern a state. The Opposition questioned the viability of the state. Today Telangana, despite being the youngest state in the country, is a role model in governance. Which state provided so many pro-farmer schemes? According to the National Crime Record Bureau, Telangana reported the lowest number of farmer suicides in the country. It is not me but the numbers that speak for TRS. Today, farmers in Telangana are competing with those in Punjab and Haryana in terms of paddy yield.

In Telangana, the government provides 24x7 electricity to farmers. Dalit Bandhu has helped youth turn into entrepreneurs. Thanks to flagship programs like Mission Bhagiratha and Kakthiya, our water bodies are filled to the brim and every household now has a tap connection.

States like Odisha and West Bengal have replicated Rythu Bandhu.

Will BRS contest in neighboring states?

KTR: Give us some time. Chief Minister KCR will announce the plan ahead. All I can say is that our goal is 2024. Even if we don't contest, the Gujarat jumla model will be exposed. This government has brought the country highest inflation in 30 years and highest unemployment in 45 years, the Rupee has fallen against the Dollar. Media has lost its spine; no one questions the Prime Minister and the BJP government. Voters must hear 'Mann ki Baat' but does the Prime Minister hear Janta ki Baat?

Narendra Modi is the most inefficient Prime minister in the history of India. He is a prachar mantri, indeed. Besides publicity, this government has not been able to deliver anything. Vikas has been missing since 2014. BJP's achievements are highest inflation in 30 years and highest LPG prices in the world. India is now the poverty capital of the world as 85 lakh people have slipped into poverty.

Will IPAC work for BRS as well?

KTR: I don't know why the media is obsessed with IPAC and Prashanth Kishore. It is among the many agencies that help political parties during elections. Our (TRS) association with IPAC is intact. I will reserve my answer regarding if it is part of our BRS.

However, I want to cite an example. Today, Telugu films are grabbing pan-India attention. This is because of the robust storyline and content. Likewise, a political party like TRS is receiving attention because of our governance model.

Why was TRS MLC Kavitha missing during the launch of BRS?

KTR: Media should stop focusing on trivial issues. How is Kavitha missing from the launch an issue of discussion? In that way, Chevella MP sprained his leg and was absent. Does that mean he has been kept out of TRS? The BJP is a master at making trivial issues big. The real problems are inflation, unemployment, and the selling of government companies to corporations. Has anyone been able to ask why the PM's good friend (referring to Adani) is now among the richest people in the world?

What is your take on Munugode by-elections?

KTR: I have received reports that TRS has a headway in the by-polls. Congress turncoat Komatireddy Raja Gopal Reddy's company Sushi Infra bagged an Rs. 22,000 worth mining project from the NDA government. The BJP leader has assured the BJP that he will spend Rs. 500 crores for the Munugode elections. Now it is for the people to realize and vote cautiously.

BJP is here to divide. On 17 September, even the state government decided to commemorate the union of Hyderabad with India. What was the need of Union Home minister Amit Shah to call it 'Liberation Day'. In that case, why is 15 August not a day of liberation? It is because Hyderabad was ruled by a Muslim king, thus they want to divide and rule here by introducing 'Liberation Day'. Why did they dedicate one day to mourn Queen Elizabeth?

What do you think of Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra?

KTR: Congress is suffering existential issues; it cannot be revived now. While Rahul Gandhi is walking in Kerala, his own MLAs in Goa are leaving the party. Secondly, I heard a few MLAs and MPs of the Congress here in Telangana are likely to leave the party soon. What can any president (referring to Congress MP Shashi Tharoor) make a difference if elected when the party itself has existential issues?

This article has been written by Coreena Suares and Kaniza Garari

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