Hyderabad police launch 2 new units to fight drug menace in city

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 Feb 2022 1:15 PM GMT
Hyderabad police launch 2 new units to fight drug menace in city

Hyderabad: Launching a crackdown on the drug menace in the city, the Hyderabad city police on Tuesday launched two special units. This following Chief Minister K ChandraShekar Rao's direction against drug abuse.

The two units are namely, Hyderabad Narcotics Enforcement Wing (H-NEW) which will be located in the CP office, under the charge of a Deputy Commissioner of Police, two inspectors, four Sub Inspectors and 20 Police constables. It will function on the lines of Commissioner of Police C.V Anand's task force in generating intelligence, conducting raids, detecting and disrupting organized drug trafficking groups, suppliers, peddlers, consumers, and maintaining databanks. It is being provided with adequate infrastructure, vehicles, and funds, the city police said in a statement.

The second unit, Narcotics Investigation Supervision Wing (NISW), is being started with an ACP, an inspector, an SI, and six HCs/PCs. They will support, monitor, and assist the local police stations in arrests, remands, seizure, charge-sheeting, and maintain the trial till conviction is achieved, the Hyderabad police said. The unit will also train small units that are being created in all police stations to deal with such cases. The two units will be inaugurated by Director General of Police M. Mahendar Reddy on 9 February.

Earlier in the month, TRS Minister for Excise and Prohibition Srinivas Goud met Hyderabad pub owners and warned them against involvement in drug abuse. He said "Over the past 10 years, the Telangana government has curbed gambling dens and gudumba and other cheap liquor. The government is hell bent to curb the drug menace again. There will be strict enforcement towards noise pollution, pubs violating permissible decibel limits will face criminal cases, even if they are run by influencial people. However, DJs will be allowed in pubs and bars in the city but while maintaining permissible decibels", he said.

The minister also said that any complaints regarding noise pollution (if proven) will directly lead to the seizure of the pub/clubs. No recommendation calls will be entertained. Pub owners must be issued notices and given 24 hours to explain about the "noise pollution". In wake of the enforcement, a toll-free number (1800-425-2523) of the Excise department has been provided, said Mr. Goud.

He said pub owners must be vigilant about suspicious customers. They can install cameras in the smoking areas, display the toll-free number around the pub, and take all precautions to curb the drug menace. "Likewise, pub owners should not be afraid while dealing with drug peddlers or abusers, even if they are influential people. Pub owners will get all support from the government, including a special incentive," said the minister.

Talking about the drug peddled by International students, Mr. Goud said foreign students booked for drug abuse will be repatriated to their respective countries. Serious action will be initiated against those operating through the dark web and other courier services to transport drugs in the city, he said.

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