Is Hyderabad going Bangalore's way? KTR lambasts CM Revanth over water crisis; demands free tankers

The Telangana High Court warned the state of a Bengaluru-like situation if it did not take steps for water conservation

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  3 April 2024 5:52 AM GMT
Is Hyderabad going Bangalores way? KTR lambasts CM Revanth over water crisis; demands free tankers

Hyderabad: BRS working president KT Rama Rao (KTR) lambasted Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy for water scarcity and demanded free tanker service in a bid to provide succor to the general public.

"Congress has made fake promises to hoodwink masses and come to power. This water scarcity is not a natural cause. Last year, we had an excess of 14% rainfall. Congress party's negligence led to the water crisis,” said BRS working president.

Lambasting CM Revanth Reddy, he demanded supplying water from tankers.

It may be recalled that a few weeks ago, the Telangana High Court warned the state of a Bengaluru-like situation if it did not take steps for water conservation.

A bench comprising Chief Justice Alok Aradhe and Justice J Anil Kumar said that without prompt action, Hyderabad could face a fate similar to Bengaluru, which is currently grappling with severe water scarcity. The remarks came during a hearing on a PIL filed by journalist PR Subaschandran seeking direction to the government to recharge the groundwater table.

"During November and December 2023, we have been told that KCR is the only one who can supply water. Now comes the situation of Telangana state suffering from water scarcity. Every village and city in Telangana is filled up with water tankers," said KTR.

He spoke about how women in Hyderabad are standing in scorching heat near water tankers.

"The BRS government ruled the state for ten years, but there was never water scarcity. KCR implemented the Mission Bhagiratha project with Rs 38,000 Cr. But now, in the new government, the sad part is the public had to buy water tankers paying double the price," KTR added.

"Instead of working on providing a better water supply, Revanth Reddy is focusing on phone tapping, which is a useless business. The Congress government is only focusing on targeting KCR, blaming him for the Kaleshwaram project," said KTR.


Singur Dam- 18TMC

Osman Sagar- 2.6 TMC

Himayata sagar - 2.16TMC

Nagarjuna Sagar- 513 TMC

"Water projects have been handed over to some private parties. If we need water from Nagarjuna Sagar, we have to beg someone else. Despite sufficient water in the reservoirs, the government is not providing supply," he stated.

"Hyderabad did not cast votes for Revanth Reddy. Is this a revenge of the Hyderabad people? He questioned.

According to the report submitted by the agriculture department in March, the state was nearing a drought-like situation due to lesser rainfall during the northeast monsoon season.

As per the data shown in the report, the average normal rainfall of the northeast monsoon from October to December was 113.20mm, but the actual downpour was 52.70 mm, a deficit rainfall of -53.45%.

Provide free tankers:

According to KTR, under the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, 1.30 lakh tankers were booked in March, while the private tankers are around 1 lakh.

KTR urged Revanth Reddy to provide free tankers instead of asking the public to pay for them. "Stop asking the public to pay bills for water. Provide 20 liters of water for the public," he stated.

He compared the situation with the Karnataka government on how Bengaluru is suffering from water scarcity.

No connection with phone tapping:

Speaking on the trending issue of the phone tapping case, KTR claimed that he has no connection with the phone tapping issue.

"The government can begin phone tapping cases pending since 2004. Bring down all the officials from earlier government and check who is tapping whose phone," said KTR.

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