Its official: Ex-TRS MP Boora Narsaiah Goud to join BJP on 20th October

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  17 Oct 2022 7:15 AM GMT
Its official: Ex-TRS MP Boora Narsaiah Goud to join BJP on 20th October

Hyderabad: Boora Narshaiah Goud, ex-MP from the TRS who created a flutter with his resignation, will be joining the BJP on 20th October. This decision comes after his meeting with BJP President B J Nadda in New Delhi. Earlier in the day, Goud's camaradarie pictures with BJP Telangana president and MP Bandi Sanjay sealed the announcement.

The timing of his resignation and joining the BJP is pertinent, since it comes ahead of the Munugode by-election. It is to note that Goud was an active proponent of Telangana statehood and a Telangana Joint Action Committee member.

Recollecting his role during the statehood movement, Goud in his resignation said: "Since 2009, I have been part of the Telangana Movement under your leadership at T-JAC without even caring about my busy practice. I was part of the movement that realized the dream of the Telangana state. After the state formation, you gave me a chance to contest as MP from Bhuvanagiri."

"After winning as Bhuvanagiri MP, I worked hard for the development of the constituency and the development of Telangana. Even in Delhi, I have done my bit for the progress of Telangana. As a result, Bhuvanagiri has AIIMS, National Highways, and such development works. I worked honestly, along with the progress of Telangana, I have done my best to strengthen the TRS Party."

He also underlined his hard work during the 2018 assembly election, "I campaigned to the best of my ability for the victory of our MLAs in Bhuvanagiri Parliament constituency. I went around saying that you should once again become the Chief Minister. My role was small, but I helped some MLAs win," he said

He said that post-2019 defeat, he faced a lot of humiliation. "I endured the insults and obstacles just because you gave me the chance to contest and the connection with your family members. For the sake of posts, even knowing that I'm not the one to ask for favors. You have not given me a chance to mention the problems of the weaker sections. As someone who fought on the ground, it hurt me to see your intolerance towards the issues of weaker sections. But I understood that the party did not need me during the previous by-election...," he said.

Former MP criticized the 'Dharani' scheme and the banning of GP layouts and the government layouts in the lands assigned to Dalits.

"What is the use of me staying in the party, If I can't make you consider a few government decisions bringing bad will?" he asked

He said he is unhappy with the way backward castes have been sidelined. "Disbanding caste professions federations and poor children of BC, and EBC groups getting only 11% fee reimbursement are few of the decisions I'm not happy with," he said

He said meeting CM has become a greater task than achieving the state. "A few of your close friends who worked with you can also vouch for this," he claimed. "Being an ex-MP, I wasn't once consulted regarding the by-elections. I was kept away from the 'Atma gourava' (Self-respecting) meetings' Ticket was never the issue but is it a crime even to ask the backward caste members to be considered for the ticket?" he asked

He said backward castes are being discriminated against in financial, political, and education fields.

"I am still grateful for the opportunities that I have been given, but there is a difference between admiration and slavery. It doesn't matter if I am personally humiliated or denied opportunities. But there is no point in me continuing in the TRS party when the issues of the lower classes are not at least brought to your attention. The people of Telangana never endured political tyranny for long," he said.

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