KCR prepares battle plan for monsoon session of Parliament

By Kaniza Garari  Published on  15 July 2022 1:42 PM GMT
KCR prepares battle plan for monsoon session of Parliament

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao is not going to let the Union government led by Bharatiya Janata Party have a cakewalk in the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament on 18 July.

KCR is to meet TRS Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha MPs and strategize the manner in which the procedures of both the Houses must be followed by TRS members. Here is the TRS government's action plan:

· Fight the anti-people policy – the increasing prices of petrol, LPG cylinders, paddy farmers – and air the growing discontent among the people.

· Intensify efforts to safeguard democratic, secular, and federal values as the recent collapse of the government of Maharashtra has set alarm bells ringing. The manner in which state governments are toppled and elected representatives threatened will not be accepted.

· Economic crisis in the country needs to be highlighted with the falling value of Rupees, rising unemployment and business challenges.

· Nationwide protests will be planned to bring out the true colours of the Union government.

Opposition on one platform

The coming together of the Opposition parties on one platform is important and for this reason KCR is reaching out to non-BJP chief ministers in other states of India. A democratic fight against the Centre for its unlawful policies, threatening of state governments, and the undemocratic functioning of institutes is a major concern.

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