Make in India is a joke; Agneepath will be scrapped: KCR challenges Modi govt

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 Jan 2023 3:30 AM GMT
Make in India is a joke;  Agneepath will be scrapped: KCR challenges Modi govt

Khammam: Telangana's Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao said the Centre’s Agnipath scheme will be scrapped if BRS is elected to power. KCR also noted that the privatization of LIC and Vizag steel will be rolled back.

Addressing a rally here, KCR said the plan of utilizing 75,0000 TMC of water would be implemented and farmer-friendly schemes like Rythu and Dalit Bandhu will be implemented across India.

KCR announced Rs 10 lakh special fund each to all 589 Gram Panchayats In Khammam district and Rs 10 crore special fund each to Pedda Tanda, Kalluru, Edulapuram, Tallada, Nelakondaplly major gram panchayats where the population is more than 10000.

He announced a Rs 50 crore special fund to Khammam Municipality and Rs 30 crore each to Sattupally, Madhira, and Vyra. He also announced that a new bridge on the Koneru river will beconsturcted. KCR also announced to set up of a new government engineering college in Khammam under JNTU with new courses.

He said India is facing a peculiar situation. “What is the aim of India? India has lost direction. Today India is seeking loans and help from USA and others. India has abundant resources. But the country is seeking assistance from others,” he said.

KCR said geographically, the USA is big, but it has only 29 percent of farmland. “China has only 16 percent. Out of 83 crore acres of land, 41 crore acres are cultivable. 4000 billion cubic/ 1.40 lakh TMC water is available in India,” he said.

“It is unfortunate that people are eating pizza and burgers. India can develop a wonderful food processing industry and create jobs. But we import pulses and palm oil,” he said.

He said after 75 years of independence, India is still facing a drinking water crisis. The country is lacking aims and objectives. Only a few projects have been taken up. Tribunals have been constituted, but no action has been taken in resolving water disputes. When will we complete the projects and provide water for irrigation?” he asked.

“We don’t have plans to utilize water. Zimbabwe developed a 6533 TMC reservoir in Zambezi and Russia has 5000 TMC reservoir. Ghana has a 5,000 TMC reservoir. Canada developed 4,400 TMC project. China created the biggest project. In India, we do not have such big projects,” he said.

He said Punjab has a water dispute with Haryana. “Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are also fighting over Cauvery water. Telangana, Maharastra, AP, and Karnataka are fighting over Godavari. It is all because of the incompetence of the governments. No one is using intelligence to resolve issues. Today, Telangana is completing big projects. We should also free the country from all problems,” he said.

KCR said BJP and Congress are the same. “They engaged in the verbal fight only. The total installed power capacity in India is 10 lakh MW, but we are not using more than 2 lakh MW. Power cuts are in all states except Telangana. In 2 years, India will be made a power-cut-free country if BRS comes to power. Farmers are committing suicide. Is this way to rule the country? Looting the wealth. NPAs are increased. Free power will be given to all farmers in India if BRS comes to power,” he said.

Ryghu Bandhu will be implemented across India

“BJP government’s slogan is ‘socialization of the losses and privatization of the profit’. BJP's formula is to loot the poor. Our policy is nationalization. LIC will be saved. . Public properties are privatized. Power is a growth indicator. The energy sector will be in the public sector, not in private hands. Inefficient rulers failed to provide drinking water. Hydroelectrical power with 1 lakh MW capacity can be created. Bihar is facing drought. Modi says the government has no business, but we say the government has every business to protect the poor,” he said.

He said 25 lakh families will be given Dalit Bandhu benefit in the country every year if BRS is voted to power BRS has proposed 35 percent reservation to women in legislative bodies.

KCR said the Modi government is selling the Visakha steel plant. “We should acquire knowledge. China and Japan are fast developing, and Singapore is developing. We should also move forward. Mission Bhagiratha provides drinking water to every household. BRS will provide drinking water to all in the country in five years. IT and industries development will be taken up. Make in India is a joke. Agneepath will be scrapped. The BRS-led government will restore the old system. Religious hatred is growing. We should promote religious tolerance. We should unite,” he said

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