No communal tension in Ahmedabad: Prakash Javdekar takes a dig at KTR

By Sumit Jha  Published on  22 Nov 2020 9:45 AM GMT
No communal tension in Ahmedabad: Prakash Javdekar takes a dig at KTR

Hyderabad: Launching a scathing attack against TRS party president and minister K.T Rama Rao's comments that Hyderabad is not Ahmedabad, Union minister and senior BJP leader Prakash Javdekar said there are no communal tensions in Ahmedabad under the BJP's rule.

The Union minister for environment, forest, and climate was in the city on 22 November to kickstart the BJP's election campaign for the upcoming GHMC polls. The saffron party which recently won the Dubbaka by-polls released a list of issues which it called a "charge-sheet" against the TRS government.

Speaking here on Sunday, the minister said, "What happened in Dubbaka will be repeated in the GHMC elections. People will decide on 1 December who they wish to see in power. A vote for TRS is a voter for the AIMIM party. Do the people of Hyderabad want a Mayor from TRS/AIMIM or from BJP? Telangana Chief Minister-led TRS party and the parliamentarian Asaduddin Owaisi's AIMIM are family-run parties. The assets of KCR and his son K.T Rama Rao have increased manifold."

He further said, "KCR promised a global city but it turned out it was a flood-affected city. For over 15 days vehicles could still be seen floating in the floodwaters. The government allowed encroachment of lakes and failed to distribute flood relief to the affected families. All the promises made at the time of the state-formation, including employment, were not delivered even six years later."

The minister alleged that one lakh jobs were promised but in reality, only a few got employment. While the compensation money goes to the bank, here during cash distribution, half is filling the pockets of a few people, he added.

Mr. Javdekar pointed out that while Telangana boasts that about one lakh 2BHK homes have been constructed, only a few thousands have been built while the Modi government has built 2.5 crore homes. "The TRS government failed miserably in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Families shelled out Rs. 20-30 lakhs for treatment in private hospitals. Why was COVID not brought under the Arogyasree scheme?" he asked. The Congress is dead in the state, he said, which will only divide the votes.

The minister recalled the role of BJP during the formation of the state. "I put the Telangana Bill in the Rajya Sabha. The BJP has contributed to the formation of the state but it has benefited only one family," the BJP leader said.

The Union minister will be holding a door-to-door campaign at Film nagar basthi later on Sunday.

The BJP party in Telangana released a 7 page election brochure which they call a charge-sheet against the TRS government. Among the many issues raised were.

1. TRS promised to make Hyderabad a global city however it turned out to be a flood-hit city

2. Rs 10,000 cash promised as flood relief, but half of the money went into the pockets of leaders.

3. 1 lakh jobs promised, but only few bagged them.

4. TRS promised 1 lakh houses in 6 years but Modi led BJP government built 2.5 Crore houses. Here (in Telangana) half of the 1 lakh has been built.

5. Hussain Sagar was promised to be purified, but it is still stinking.

6. The government promised 15 dumping yards but the city has only one.

7. COVID treatment was not covered under Arogyasree health scheme.

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