Four killed as Trump's supporters storm US Capitol hill

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  7 Jan 2021 4:30 AM GMT
Four  killed as Trumps supporters storm US Capitol hill

A person was shot dead when President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the US Capitol to protest against his election defeat, on Wednesday. Shocking videos and images of protestors creating mayhem at the hall has gone viral. The death toll rose to 4 and several others injured according to the Washington DC police.

According to reports, the mob breached four layers of police security and entered the Capitol hall. Protestors were found climbing the walls, they broke open the doors, entered the assembly and a few walked away with furniture.

While few sustained injuries when a scuffle broke out between the protestors and police, reported the American papers. Shots were fired in the hall ground and one woman was left with critical chest injuries after being hit in the neck. An explosive device was said to have found, reports The Time.

An internal alert was issued to be away from the doors and window as the mob tried to break open them. The windows were found smashed while the office was ransacked.

After several hours of protestors ransacking the hall, President Trump took to social media to mobilize the national guard to enter the capitol.

President-elect Joe Biden, who is likely to be sworn in on January 20, appealed to Trump to call back the protestors.

What led to the mayhem was a speech from Trump's loyal aides and the president himself. Anger triggered when Mike Pence, the Vice President, announced that he would not follow the president's wishes to oppose the election results making his Joe-Biden the president, said The Times.

Picture credit : Reuters

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