Pathar ka gosht to Zafrani chai: Tickle your taste buds with Hyderabadi cuisine this Ramadan

Tolichowki offers a diverse range of food outlets to cheer up foodies

By Nikisha Uddagiri  Published on  1 April 2023 9:30 AM GMT
Pathar ka gosht to Zafrani chai: Tickle your taste buds with Hyderabadi cuisine this Ramadan

Hyderabad: For all the foodies, the most awaited month is here. The city is all decked up in lights, food stalls are set up in lines, and foodies are queued up with eager eyes and hungry souls ready to indulge in the flavours divine that this month beholds.

Many individuals may think that the only place to experience authentic Hyderabadi cuisine is in the old city given its abundance of food stalls. However, another area located next to the new city offers a diverse range of food outlets to cheer up foodies.

Haleem, pathar ka gosht, kebabs, biryani, kubani ka meetha, kadu ka kheer, and zafrani chai, Tolichowki are all lined up much to the delight of food lovers.

Let's begin the list of outlets by embarking on a food trail that stretches from Gachibowli to Masab Tank.

Pista House, Gachibowli

Savour your Haleem, which pairs perfectly with a cup of Zafrani tea, kubani ka meetha, Rabri, double ka meetha, kadhu ka kheer, or even a refreshing Coke (for just Rs 10). You can enjoy it at the outlet or opt for takeaway in various sizes suitable for your family. For longer journeys or to keep your Haleem hot, you can choose the hotpot option. While on the way to Tolichowki, there’s another Pista House's temporary outlet before the Tolichowki’s outlet where you can find a distinctive haleem box to give as a gift to your loved ones.

Shah Ghouse, Gachibowli

Shah Ghouse's haleem is a must-try for foodies, with long queues seen at all of its branches. Its mutton is cooked perfectly, with a balance of tenderness and crunchiness. The dish is served hot with ghee, fried onions, cashew nuts, and topped with a boiled egg. Despite the bones, the taste and quality of the haleem remain consistent, making it a favourite among diners. On the other hand, if you’re in a rush to leave quickly, there is another outlet conveniently located in Raidurgam, opposite Malkam Cheruvu, specially set up for the season. With the menu, you can quickly and easily calculate the cost of different group sizes, eliminating the need for time-consuming calculations.

Pakwaan Grand, Gachibowli

Pakwaan Grand, a restaurant helmed by Hyderabad locals, offers two variants of haleem. Irani haleem at Pakwaan Grand is delicately spiced and finely smashed, the garnish of cream and chopped almonds adds a layer of taste that elevates the dish. For those seeking the best haleem in the city, this dish is worth trying. While the second variant differs greatly from the Irani option, featuring big, bold flavours and a less finely smashed texture that includes chunks of tender mutton and a few bones. To balance the thick masala taste, the haleem is garnished with fresh mint, and squeezing lime on top is recommended.

Mehfil, Darga-Shaikpet

In addition to their sumptuous biryani, Mehfil's haleem is a must-try dish. The haleem features tender and succulent mutton that has been cooked to perfection with a delightful blend of spices and herbs, resulting in a unique and irresistible flavour that will leave you craving for more.

Kebabs and Pathar ka gosht

For decades, Pathar ka gosht has been a cherished delicacy among Hyderabadi food enthusiasts. This mutton dish which requires marinating the meat for an extended period followed by slow-cooking it for several hours on a hot granite stone over coal is found in Tolichowki during this holy month. Many food stalls cater to the cravings of mutton lovers and offer Pathar ka gosht alongside mouth-watering mutton seekh kebabs. To name a few: Hyderabadi Shahi Kababs, Deccan Kebabs, Shahi Kabab, and Kabab’s Centre.

DriveIn, Tolichowki

Tolichowki witnessed the first-ever drive-in experience in Hyderabad, offering a variety of traditional Hyderabadi cuisines in one place. From Biryani, Kasba, Mandi, and Kebabs to sweet delicacies such as ice cream, this place has it all. Some of the popular restaurants that are part of this drive-in include Mandar, 4 Seasons, Siddique kabab centre, and Pista House.

Siddique kabab centre

Siddique Kabab Centre is a must-visit destination for all kebab enthusiasts. Open for 365 days, this establishment offers a wide selection of kebabs, but their tandoori kebab paired with rumali roti, onions, lemon, and their signature in-house masala is undoubtedly their most popular dish and a must-try for all visitors.

Milan juice centre, Mehdipatnam

Milan Juice Centre is the perfect place for fresh fruit juices and salads. They offer you a wide range of colourful and flavorful blends of fruit-induced desserts, fresh juices, and salads. Their products are 100% natural, and the avocado juice with a dressing of dry fruits and mulberry salad is their bestseller. Other popular options include litchi salad, blood punch, yamani dry fruits, and kiwi juice.

Saleem Javed, Masab Tank

The well-known restaurant chain Saleem Javed, which originated in Khan Market, Delhi, and is famous for its tasty Indian shawarmas, has now opened a branch in Hyderabad. The restaurant offers a variety of Mughlai dishes, both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The food is less spicy and juicier, made with high-quality ingredients hygienically, prioritizing the customers' health. The restaurant's secret recipes of kebabs and tikkas, tailored by their father, have earned them respect and love from people, including celebrities, politicians, and sports persons. Dr. Shaimma and Dr. Faizulla Khan, owners of the facility, believe in serving the community with the best, be it in the healthcare or food industry, as both are service industries.

Paradise, Masab Tank

Paradise haleem is a delectable blend of flavours that has garnered a dedicated following over the years. Slow-cooked for hours using special spices and tender mutton, it's rich, creamy, and bursting with flavours. The mutton is cooked to perfection, and it's topped with crispy fried onions, fresh coriander, and a squeeze of lime juice. Served hot, it's best enjoyed with naan or rumali roti.

Cafe 555, Masab Tank

Cafe 555 in Masab Tank is a 50-year-old Irani cafe that serves delicious haleem with unique toppings. While it's usually crowded, the Ramadan month sees people from all over the city flocking to its haleem stall. The cafe puts its own twist on the traditional recipe, setting it apart from competitors like Pista House and Shah Ghouse. A place for a feast and satisfy your haleem cravings. Actor Naga Chaitanya's visit to Cafe555 to relish their Haleem creates a buzz among fans.

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