Pawan Kalyan sounds election bugle; promises 5L jobs, investor-friendly government

From 150 members, we would soon reach 5 lakh volunteers. By 2024, we will stand ahead and lead the nation, said Pawan Kalyan

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  15 March 2022 2:25 AM GMT
Pawan Kalyan sounds election bugle; promises 5L jobs, investor-friendly government

Amaravati: Sounding an election bugle, actor-politician Pawan Kalyan on Monday promised five lakh jobs annually and an investor-friendly government in Andhra Pradesh. He was addressing Sri Damodaram Sanjivayya Chaitanya Vedika at Ippatam village near Mangalagiri on Monday evening.

"We will make Andhra Pradesh an investor-friendly state if we come to rule after in 2024 elections. I will take the responsibility for AP state's future", he said. Pawan Kalyan said that he was waiting for the roadmap, the Bharatiya Janata Party promised to give, to defeat the YSRCP in 2024.

Lakhs of people attended Sri Damodaram Sanjivayya Chaitanya Vedika, which marks the party's ninth formation day. During the rally, Pawan Kalyan revealed his future plans for Andhra Pradesh. "We do not have senior leaders in the Jana Sena party, It is only me and my people who have nurtured the party. From 150 members, we would soon reach 5 lakh volunteers. By 2024, we will stand ahead and lead the nation", said Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan announced Rs 50 lakh for Ippatam grama panchayat from Jana Sena trust.

Jana Sena, which was launched in 2014, has now set its sight on the 2024 assembly election. "I have seen good leaders in YSRCP too, They won 151 seats and I thought they will bring change. But they proved to be a disaster. It started with the killing of 32 people over the sand mining issue. YCP has committed many crimes which have affected families", he said.

Jana Sena chief asked why the government didn't clear Rs 7 lakh crore debt. "Why they failed to provide jobs to youth. The government spends Rs 3 crore on colors and Rs 4 crore on advertisements, but it has no money to pay salaries. There are 14,341 posts lying vacant in the police department," he said. He said that it is unfortunate that YCP leaders are threatening police officers. "YCP leaders can hold any police officer by his collar. Such incidents happened in Chittoor, Vizag, and Krishna Lanka. Policemen fear losing their jobs due to the political leaders", he added.

Pawan Kalyan said there has been a 10 percent increase in road accidents and 14 percent in deaths. "In 19,729 accidents, 8,553 people died and 21,000 were injured. The accidents happened because of bad roads," he said.

Expressing grief over the death of 18 men due to spurious liquor, Pawan Kalyan said the government is running boozer shops instead of schools.

During the rally, he spelled his future agenda:

AP will have investor-friendly governance

Visakhapatnam will be made global city. Vijayawada and Tirupati will be transformed into hi-tech cities.

Amaravati will be the capital.

Kurnool will be renamed Damodaraya Sanjeevayya district.

Rayalaseema will be developed to avoid brain drain.

All white ration cardholders will be given free sand for the construction of houses.

Women will no longer be restricted to jobs in the Sulabh complex. Under the Jana Sena Sowbhagya scheme, women will be given skill-based jobs, depositing Rs 10 lakh in their accounts to start the business.

Food processing units and mini reservoirs will be developed for farmers.

With a motto 'Our Andhra Pradesh, Our Jobs', Jana Sena will provide jobs for every unemployed youth. Every year, 5 lakh jobs will be given under private sectors. The Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) will be removed and the party will bring back the old pension system.

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